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What Are Some Easy Cool Designs To Do On My Nails??

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Jun 30, 2012

Dayne E.

i just need to know some cool designs that won't take an hour to do!!!

Jul 04, 2012

Keanna R.

tips are really easy and fast, and doing your tip a color other than white make them look a lot more fun!

Jul 05, 2012

Elinor T.

marble effect! you can create designs in the water and can do up to three nails at a time with it. there are plenty of videos to show how to do it- if unsure. 

Jul 05, 2012

Julia N.

Polka dots! I like to use the end of a bobby pin to make mine.

Jul 10, 2012

Sana R.

I agree with Julia N. Polka dots are really great if you want something quick. You can pretty much use anything as a dotting tool (I like bobby pins as dotting tools, too!) and polka dots are nearly impossible to mess up. Good luck!

Jul 12, 2012

Anne T.

Well, I use stampers. They're a tad expensive, depending on the kind you get, but they go on real quick once you get the hang of them, and they have a lot of cool designs. 

Jul 12, 2012

Nailmattic W.

Dots, gradient and ombré effect are easy. You can also do the nail salon effects and wraps.

Jul 12, 2012

Autum D.

cheetah print is actually really easy to do. you could also do zig zags, lines, tips, dots, boarder nails, swirls. the more you practice the easier it is :)

Jul 14, 2012

Jenna M.

Zebra print. Just do a couple line from the side to middle of your nail and keep doing it till you reach the top

gradients are by far the quick and most effective

here is my version 

I would do something with accent nails and/ or gradient:) I think glitter gradient nails give you more a sophisticated/ classic whereas a simple accent nail gives you more a playful/ modern look:) xx

Jul 17, 2012

Jessica R.

Check out Robin Moses on YouTube. She does amazing work & has GREAT tutorials. I'm not great at free hand nail art, but I can pull off a ton of her designs.

almost any nail design is simple. most of them just take a lot of patience and you need to know the tricks to them.
the tricks include,
-using bandaids or stickers for tips, etc.
-using a sponge or fan brush for gradient nails
-for perfect stripes, twist/move your finger slightly while keeping the brush on your nail
-for dots, use a toothpick, bobbypin, or end of a makeup brush
-for marble nails, look up any video on youtube of marble nails that teaches you step by step how to create them, it only consists of the right temperature water!

there are so many more tricks & tips out their to help you recreate the cute looks you've seen. hope some of these tricks helped! you can always go onto youtube to any "nail guru" like totallycoolnails or cutepolish to figure out their little tricks to their adorable nail looks.

goodluck again!! ;*

Jul 25, 2012

Nicola C.

If you've already got painted nails, you could always place a piece of sticky-tape diagonally across the nail and paint the tip in a contrasting color! It really spices up an older manicure and doesnt take long!

(you can of course do this with a new manicure, but ensure that the nail polish is TOTALLY dry before using sticky tape)


here's a simple design.. ^_^ won't take you an hour to make

Jul 31, 2012

Cait K.

I would put "easy" as something like newspaper nails or comic nails, where all you need to do is put down a light color (white, light grey, etc.) paint your nails, wait for it to dry (a god hour or two) get a newspaper and some rubbing alcohol, dip each nail in the rubbing alcohol and then press pieces of the newspaper onto the nail. This makes the ink transfer.

The other easy things to do are add any kind of effect topping (sparkles nail polish for example, a simple layer or two over a solid color) or dotting.

Jul 31, 2012

Salma S.

You could do little give dot flowers and them drag the dots together : ) 

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