What are you being?! Halloween '12

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snow white and depending on when my one friends halloween party, possibly big bird too haha

@shiela your take on jack sparrow is awesome!

Oct 03, 2012

Megan K.

I'm going to be daphne from scooby doo!

And I'm planning to dye my hair for this Halloween so I can be Daphne from my favorite childhood show, Scooby Doo. This would mean dying my hair from brown to red. I only want to dye my hair this one time. Though, I am still fear stricken from my parents and grandparents threats of my hair never returning to it's brown color I have become so fond of. My younger sister has suggested Manic Panic and me not bleaching my hair before application. She swears it will return to normal after a few weeks. I would just like to know if that is a true statement or if there are other products out there that will not damage my hair. I would also like to look as natural as possible. 

Nov 02, 2013

Ilaria R.

Makeup I did on my cousin Diego ^_^

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