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Hair Teasing!!! HELP

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Sep 20, 2012

Catherine B.

I have a natural wave to my hair that I love but I love my hair straight!! When I have my finished hair result it's flat ontop making me look a mess. I tease with a comb but it looks like a nest. Very I unattractive!! I hate it! I've tried blowing drying with 2 in round brush, still no help. Any suggestions??

Sep 20, 2012

Shelly T.

Do you blow it out straight or do you use a flat iron to straighten it?

Sep 21, 2012

Katrina C.

Theres many little tricks and techniques you can do to add volume to your hair. One thing I love to use on myself and clients is Tresemme Volumizing Mousse (black and red bottle). Put a good enough amount in your hand and with your finger tips get it in your roots. Also it doesn't flake which is great. After you wash your hair, towel dry it just so its not dripping wet then apply the mousse and blow dry your hair. A good tip is to flip your hair over and blow dry upside down. Now this next tip is gonna be hard to explain in words but i'll try as best as I can lol When you're flat ironing you wanna take pieces and the top and flat iron it up. The same thing as if you were taking sections out to tease. Taking those same sections but instead take your flat iron and run it all the way up. You will have instant volume right there without even teasing, And incase I didn't make sense lol you can check out my video and skip to 06:44 and you can actually see what I'm talking about. But if you still feel like it won't last I would suggest teasing 2 or 3 sections on top but still leaving out atleast 2 sections in the front so you won't see the tease or "rats nest" as much lol hope this helps!!!

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