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MUA Resume?

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Sep 26, 2012

Carolyn H.

What should I include
what should I exclude
How can I list my qualifications without sounding amateur?

Should I include both Makeup and regular work history?

only include work history that pertains to the job! so say you used to work at a photography place, or took extra photography classes, that's fine to list. but don't list that you worked for mcdonald's. they typically don't want to see that. keep it one page. include any education relating to makeup or fashion, or art/photography. include any work, but make it sound professional. say you did your friends' makeup for prom! Make it sound better, like include the theme or something, like list "Under the Sea Prom, Personal Makeup Artist to Angela" and then the year. It will sound less amateur.:)

Oct 07, 2012

Shelli L.

Check with the beauty school you went to for help. Take pictures of before and after and have them available. Google "make-up artist resume template" and see if anything comes up. It is very likely you will find tons of help there. Unless you are currently working, use past tense words like "helped" instead of "help" or "applied" instead of "apply". And I agree 1000% with Breanna C. But while making sure you keep it to one page, juice it up and try to fill the page without it sounding cheesy or minimize the wording to keep it all on one page. Either way, try to use the whole page. 

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