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Sigma Brushes.. Or Sedona lace?

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Are they pretty much the same but different in price? Or does one set give a better feel, and finished product?

I wouldn't say they are the same . Sedona Lace has some unique brushes (their fan brush is really nice) but I believe the quality of some of them are slightly less than Sigma. When I received my brushes from Sedona Lace many of them were not cut properly, meaning there were some hairs sticking out way higher then others. I own quite a few brushes from Sigma and have never had that problem. Also Sedona lace brushes shed more in my experience. I would say Sigma is less hit or miss and a little more reputable all around.

Thank you! I bought crown brushes, and they turned out terrible for me, and even when I clean them I feel like its just nasty brushes. I'd rather invest in better quality then beat around the bush for cheap

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