How to stop over fixing my nails

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May 07, 2012

Cassandra E.

I love my nails and fixing them and making them pretty, but I think I am over fixing them. If I see a hang nail I pick it, if my cuticles are growing I always push them back and clip them, but if I pick my cuticles away from home I end up ruining them because I don't have a cuticle cutter with me. So, I feel like I am ruining my nails rather than fixing them up. How can I stop? Also, if I don't do anything to my nails at all and just let the nail and cuticle grow will that make the nails look better? And this is a picture of my natural nails. The picture is a little unclear but, my cuticles are not that great. So PLLEEAASSE give me FEED BACK!!! Thank You!!!

May 18, 2012

Megan S.

Your cuticles help protect your new forming nail, you should be pushing it back but lightly. You shouldn't clip them unless you have a piece of hanging skin or a rip or tear. You should never pull your cuticle when you are clipping them. It can cause infections which are painful and most nail technicians wont work on infected nails. Instead of trimming your cuticles all the time, try giving yourself a hot oil manicure. Or use cuticle softener every day. You can push back your cuticles gently while you are in the bath or shower. And make sure your nails are well conditioned and moisturized. Hope this helps a little. 

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