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What do you think of the New Beautylish! <3

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I think its great! I think the minty green color looks really fresh and unique...though I kind of wish the purple (thats in the icon) was incorporated a little more, its almost too much green =p

Andii- I love the new site. I actually just posted a new topic about it as well. I love that it looks modern and simple. So freaking nice :)

andii...i think it looks nice too...but its only my second day ...:) just watched your simple everday look video...i loved your nail polish...what color is it?
xo, sarahann

I like it overall, though I don't like how small the font is where it says stuff like "posted an hour ago/yesterday" yada yada. Just too small for me. Maybe a size bigger would be better.

It will take some getting used to but I love the new logo. 

Apr 27, 2012

Heather H.

@Rikki's getting old, she needs bigger fonts, possibly buttons too. ;P

I also really like the new look, and especially the new home page!

Heather is sooooooooooo funny. :P

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