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Sudocrem for Acne?

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May 11, 2012

Sabine L.

Hi beauties!
Recently I read that a UK diaper rash creme called Sudocrem is great for acne! I've been told that they've started offering Sudocrem facials in the UK. I live in Canada and just bought it today (it's fairly easy to find I found it in the baby aisle in Shoppers and my friend in the US found it at CVS/Walmart). I have pretty mild acne... I went to my dermatologist in March and she's prescribed me has made my acne worse (it's supposed to get worse before it gets better) but I reaalllyyy need clear skin in about 3 weeks so I'm working on the acne I have now. Any other tips for clear skin would be very much appreciated as well :)
My question is has anyone tried it, or heard of it? Thanks in advance!
Have a great day/night!

May 11, 2012

Jay S.

I always use Sudocrem but I don't have particularily bad breakouts, I know many celebrities from the UK use it too! I would recommend going to your local drugstore and find a treatment that has Benzyl Peroxide in it, this saved me 6 months ago when my whole face broke out, I use Oxy On The Spot Cream but I'm not sure if you can only get it over here in England. But it should be easy enough to find a different brand
Good luck xo

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