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Link Your Youtube, Facebook Etc!?

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Aug 06, 2012

Rachele H.

I have posted two review that I would love you to check out!

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Lush Each Peach massage bar

Aug 06, 2012

Laura J. beauty and fashion with cheap prices :) 

Hello Ladies! Iam new to the beauty community im not a professional im just a girl who loves makeup, fashion, and hair. i would love to learn and talk with other girls so i can become great at what i would like to do. becoming a beauty guru is hard but iam willing to follow anyone who follows me. iam open to getting to know anyone iam a nice, honest, and down to earth person i do not judge. i love to support other girls trying to do the same thing that iam trying to persue. so please subscribe to my youtube channel (still under alot of work) and follow me on twitter, facebook, and instagram. Thanks girls hope to talk with you all soon!


Aug 11, 2012

Jasmine S.

New Fashion Guru on Youtube! Check out my channel lovelies:-)


Aug 20, 2012

Meredith C.

Hi Everyone! Please Checkout my channel and subscribe if you like my videos:D

Aug 20, 2012

Jenna C.

Small blog update - x x 

Just started a youtube beauty channel - xxxx

Aug 20, 2012

Laura J. there's a link to my newest post, FOTD :)

Aug 20, 2012

Jacki C.

Hi beautiful beautylisherrrrrs! My name is Jacki! I recently started a youtube channel. I love all things beauty but also expect the unexpected. I love to make random videos about anything and everything under the sun. If this intrigues you at all check out my two starter videos <3 xx

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Danielle G.

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire