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Searching For Best Make Up Schools In Ny/Nj Area

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Jan 04, 2013

Monica V.

Hello!!!I am looking for a good make up school ! I need advise and help! for years I have been doing my friends and family make up for special ocations and even helping in photo shoots. I get complements on my make up all the time and I am asked to help people look beautiful and I just do it for the love of art and beauty! . Painting (oil on canvas) and applying make up is my passion!!! I am a very creative person , and all of what I know is by practicing and observing, reading ,studyng all by my self, but now it is time to get out and go further, get professional training!!!! i am ready!

Jan 06, 2013

mallory w.

mud in nyc or robert fiance in south jersey

Jan 07, 2013

Emily H.

Once you decide on your school, check out when you are ready to launch your own business. Also, experience is clutch! Assist as many artists as possible and you will learn so much. Document everything you do! Photos Photos Photos!

Jan 08, 2013

Gia D.

Hi Monica,
We are Cammua Makeup Artist Training School, The Best Makeup School in California. Our Main Makeup School is in Newport Beach. But 7 actual locations with a goal of 50. we have 3 class rooms a store carrying Ben Nye, Graftobian, Kryolan, Make Up For Ever.( same as our kits, All industry product) We do provide kits to use in class and we do have out kits on our site at We will hello you put a kit together that will fit your budget. We are one of the only school to open or have 7 locations.. Our teachers have 7-32 yrs experience. You are also allowed to re take the class free as many times as you like for like, Our certificate is accepted every place so you will get all you pro cards and discounts 10-40% off. Classes, Beauty, Advanced (Bollywood, High Fashion, Eyes),Airbrush and Basic special Fx, Hair styling, also eye lash extension, advanced FX bald Caps, Facial Hair and Rubber Masks. and now we have Body Painting.Monica at Cammua we are more of a Family That a helps and guides each other. If you come to school I will know you for the rest of my life.
Read all reviews and testimonials on our site testimonials and as also have dates and you can enroll there we do fill up fast
Google reviews
We also pick you up and take you to and from the airport and class daily if staying a bone of the hotels on the web site we have listed.

Cammua facebook and call 5672 522 2008 Joe Michaels and Gia Deo

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