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do you do Vaseline ?

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Jan 06, 2013

Stephanie K.

I think vaseline is the ultimate beauty product. It's has so many uses. I use it to remove makeup, moisturize dry areas and as a lip balm. 

Jan 06, 2013

Krissy F.

Ladies- Vaseline is Petroleum Jelly- petroleum is used in gasoline and has no moisturizing benefits at all. It only simulates the feeling but its best only occasionally as a skin barrier. Try an all natural salve, oil or moisture balm. Soooo much more effective and won't damage your skin or your body. I love using Vitamin E oils straight from Capsules, and go in your kitchen and grab the olive oil which is Sooo good for your skin! Jojoba is great for scaley skin because it removes the flakes and heals. Cocoa Butter bars without mineral oil, almond oil, the list goes on & on. But dump the gasoline & save it for your car ;)

Jan 06, 2013

Alyse M.

YES Krissy!!! I just got tired of saying it lol

Jan 06, 2013

Jorie C.

I use it on my lips at night because my lips have lost moisture due to the cold weather. Usually Vaseline restores the moisture for me

Jan 06, 2013

Stef R.

It halts your cell growth and does all sorts of weird crap to your body apparently. I stay away personally.

Jan 06, 2013

Bashaier A.

Very interesting !! Thaaanks ☺

Try coconut oil. I use it on my eyelashes before bed, as a moisturizer when my skin is dry, and also as a hair mask to repair my hair when it needs it. 

Jan 06, 2013

Amy W.

I wouldn't recommend it on sensitive skin because it clogs the pores in the skin and creates a sort of tingly burning feeling that is sort of numbing and doesn't really work that well as a moisturizer. I'd recommend doing a homemade or purchased scrub every time you shower and just use some Shea butter or baby lotion after.  

Jan 06, 2013

Erin W.

My grandmother who passed away just before Christmas, was 100 years old. Vaseline was her beauty "have to have on" every night. Her skin was perfect till the day she passed.  

Jan 06, 2013

Saumz M.

Jojoba oil is an amazing overnight moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin nice and soft.

Jan 06, 2013

Courtney S.

I love using vasoline. It's great

Jan 06, 2013

Sophie J.

Yes before bed I put it on my lips and brows! X

Jan 06, 2013

Lace S.

Don't put it on your eye area. It'll let bacteria grow!!

Jan 06, 2013

Juliet S.


Jan 06, 2013

Marie-Claire M.

@krissy- you hit the nail on the head. You know when you buy "oil-free" products? It's not because its free from all oils. This means its free from mineral oil- another petroleum product. Skin and petroleum products aren't friends. They had a bad breakup.

Jan 06, 2013

Sarah L.

You should only ever water based products around the delicate eye area. Vaseline is far too heavy and artificial to apply all over the face. Use cocoa butter or Shea butter if your skin is incredibly dry or chapped from the sun or wind. You should not ever need to apply Vaseline all over the face if your skin is in good health. 

Jan 06, 2013

Kelsie B.

I tend to open my mouth when I sleep, leaving my lips chapped in the before bed I CAKE Vaseline on my lips and I wake up with them looking beautiful and moisturized 

Love it in my lips

Jan 06, 2013

Loren B.

I would only consider Vaseline on my face if I were skiing or something like that. Try Shea, coca, or coconut butters first. Even vitamin e oil in sweet almond oil carrier or apricot kernel or avecado oil. With so many natural oils why put petroleum of your face. And yes, it can harbor harmful bacteria. 

Jan 06, 2013

Alexa T.

I personally prefer the Vaseline lotion to the petroleum jelly:) It's easier to apply, and it keeps my skin moisturized longer.

Try coconut oil instead. I use this as a moisturizer, eyelash conditioner, and hair 

And hair treatment *

Jan 06, 2013

Melissa F.

Wish I had some for my lips right now. Works great for repairing dry chapped lips  

Jan 06, 2013

Sophie T.

Yes! I use it all the time

I use coconut oil instead. It won't clog your pores and is a great moisturizer. I also use it only eyelashes and in my hair. 

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