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My First Review - How Exciting!

Hello Beautylish! This is my first ever review of.. well, anything! So apologies if it's sssshhhhocking and I promise I will never write one again. :)

I've been using Garnier's BB cream for a few months now and I can honestly say that I couldn't live without it and it has become one of my essentials, I've even replaced my regular facial moisturizer with it and I use it as a primer, I just think it's fab! As an ex-acne sufferer I am very self-conscious when it comes to my skin as I was left with a lot of scaring on my cheeks, so I would never have dreamt about leaving the house without any foundation on what so ever, I mean I even use to apply it when the only place I was heading to was the gym.. I know right? But what I love about this cream is that even though it's so light weight that it gives me the feeling that I'm not wearing any make-up (so I no longer have to feel silly about putting it on before going to the gym or nipping to the shop!) it's still enough to give me the confidence to just apply a quick, thin layer of it and feel like my imperfections are covered up enough for public display, while giving my skin a nice healthy glow! It also leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated without being the least bit greasy, so please don't hesitate to at least try this product, I promise you will love it, you have my word!

Thank you for reading! :) Simone Kelly x