Z•Palette Large Palette Sky Blue product smear.


Large Palette


Z•Palette’s best selling palette will fit all your favorites in one place. From eye shadows and blushes, to concealers, lipsticks, and powders, customize how you want it. Gone are the days of forgetting shadows at the bottom of your drawer. This large size empty palette plus the clear window makes it easy for you to display your collection and customize by brand or color.

This palette comes with 10 pieces of the Z•Palette Round Metal Stickers and 10 pieces of the Square Metal Stickers.

Want to use Z•Palette with Inglot? The Large Z•Palette can fit 9 Inglot blushes, 3 Inglot powders, or 18 Inglot eye shadows, lipsticks, concealers, brow powders or brow waxes.


Outside: 8.06"L x 4.94"W x 0.56"D

Inside: 7.44"L x 4.13"W x 0.25"D

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