Pressed Mineral Rice Powder


Krystal C.
#1 Setting Powder!

Ever since I received the Youngblood Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder, I've been preferring it over all my other powders. I even removed my Ahava Compact Powder from my purse and replaced it with the Youngblood Rice powder - that's a huge statement. Let's begin... The packaging - sleek and gorgeous! I love products that are all black. There's a full mirror inside, a sponge (which I haven't used yet) and the plastic sheet to protect the powder and keep it all clean. The compact has a sturdy closure, and if your toddler gets a hold of it and drops it on accident, it doesn't shatter! WIN! The quality - amazingness! I love it! The powder applies evenly, smooth, clean (meaning no excessive dusting), can be swiped on or pressed into the skin. It lasts all day, it combats my oils so I'm not shiny, it has never looked cakey on me and it camouflages my larger pores giving me the flawless look. I have the shade medium, and when I go for a makeup-less day I can still get an even skin tone with this powder. My favorite part about this powder, it leaves an even, matte finish without ever making my skin look dry. I never experience dry patches, flaking, splotchy coverage or tightness. This powder feels like it was made for me; it fits my weird, complicated, combination skin to a T and it is more affordable than the MAC powders I have in my collection. Overall, I'm over the moon and I couldn't recommend it more :)