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Krystal C.
LOVE! Smooth, Pigmented, Longlasting and Gorgeous!

Youngblood's pink blush special from October may be over, but their Crushed Mineral Blushes are still a must-try if you are a blush-aholic and/or a mineral fan. Normally I don't care for mineral blushes because they are crazy pigmented and require special attention when applying and blending out. These Youngblood mineral blushes are fairly pigmented, which I highly appreciate. I can just dip in, tap a bit then apply and blend like I would with a pressed blush.

Sherbet "gold-laced pink-peach" is quite pigmented and gives a very feminine, pretty flush to the skin tone. Tulip "sheer baby doll pink" is a very light shade with a gorgeous luminous effect.

Did You Know? You can use these loose mineral blushes as eyeshadow pigments, lip colors (just mix in with your favorite lip balm/gloss) and even create your own custom nail polish (just mix in with a clear polish)!