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Joan L.
Luxurious, Simple, and Versatile Brush Set
Photo of product included with review by Joan L.

I bought my first set of Wayne Goss brushes several years ago. Ever since he launched his YouTube channel I have been following his channel and applying his makeup techniques.

I was so excited when this first set came out. Since then I have invested in his other products and also his recently released eye collection. The hairs on his brushes are soft squirrel hairs that apply makeup like a dream onto the face. These are also very easy to take care of where you maintain them by taking a tissue paper or soft towel and wiping off the product. The brushes can be washed but should only be done when needed. These are on the pricier side but you get what you paid for. All of his brushes can be used whether you are at a beginner or advance level at using makeup.

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Annie G.
Worth every penny

I always here people rave about these brushes and it deserves the hype. My makeup application game has improved so much with these brushes. A lot of people compare the Sonia G and Wayne Goss collection. I would recommend Wayne Goss for eye brushes and Sonia G for face brushes but they are both worth it in my opinion. The only brush that I don't use as much is the foundation brush because I prefer a bigger brush for foundation. It is also really good for concealer though if you are like me and prefer a bigger foundation brush.

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Mia H.

I like these brushes a lot but I have to say since purchasing all the Sonia G brushes these are just nice and can not compare to the quality and performance of Sonia G eye and face brushes.

Angela B.
Beautiful brushes to work with

But the foundation brush is something to be desired is hard to work with, or maybe I'm using it wrong but outside of that I love the brushes performance

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Amanda S.
Love these brushes!!!

These brushes are amazing, they have taken my makeup to the next level. I cannot believe the difference from using these brushes. If you struggle with your makeup, these brushes are your answer!!!

Anita H.
Beyond Amazed

I've collected 5 or 6 WG brushes before - some I purchased as a single brush, some I received in my Lucky Bag. I've enjoyed using them and decided to splurge on The Collection with the gift card event this year.

I knew how good WG brushes were, but I was so shook with the eye brushes. The photos do not do them justice. The fluffier blending brushes (3, 4 & 6) are shaped quite differently than the usual blending brushes on the market. They blend like no other! I used to think Viseart and Sugarpill eyeshadows are the only ones worthy of mention for their perfect balance of blendability and color payoffs in every color. They still are. But WG brushes make other brands of eyeshadow blend as easily to as these two. I'm thrilled!

The #5 pencil brush I had, so I knew how good and how it's unlike any pencil brushes out there (and happy to own two of them). The smaller liner brushes are just WOW - I've used luxury brand liner brushes and none of them deposit colors like these. Tight-lining with eyeshadow or gel liner without feeling the slightest scratch with these feel amazing.

The two face brushes are equally good, but I'm just overly WOWed by the eye brushes!

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Stefanie S.
Simply perfection!

I cannot believe the softness and ease of blending with these brushes. I have probably 60-80 other brushes from various popular brands and I’m looking at them thinking why did I waste so much money because these are truly and honestly the best brushes out there. I am blown away by this Wayne Goss brush set. Simply well done with the highest of quality.

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jenn K.

ALSO: These are (mostly).squirrel hair brushes. Not goat ...not synthetic *SQUIRREL*

You dont wash these once a week, or every few days. They are easier to maintain in a way because all you need to do is wipe them on a soft tissue paper or a microfiber towel.

DONT use them if your skin is still wet or oily from products. Make sure your eye and face base is set with a powder first or they will go bad and start to shed as some reviews have posted.

Hakuhodo website reccomends people with really oily skin either use synthetic/goat or be extra careful when using squirrel.

They're really ideal for people with regular to more dry skin.

This collection will still work for people with oily skin because the foundation brush is goat and the #2 cheek brush again, just dont use with cream products or set your face.

Just posting to save people some time. Still reccomend reading up about the maintenance of squirrel brushes if you're a newbie like me.

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jenn K.

Husband bought this for me under his account if BL needs to verify purchase.

This set is absolutely fabulous. I'm actually really grateful the Sonia g face brushes were out of stock or I never would have recieved this brush set. Never tried squirrel hair before.

When I first revieved them I was a little taken aback because they appear so small.....now I'm a believer and will purchase backups.

I cannot believe how amazingly and soft these brushes are. Wayne really knows what hes doing. Maybe because this is an older set theres not as much hype anymore....?!

The #3 #4 #6 I must buy MOAR. The #2 cheek brush is perfect to use with my CT filmstar bronze and glow....

You know that feeling when you see or experience something that's so amazing, you stutter like an idiot and find it difficult to articulate ?...That's this set.

I just cannot believe how well these brushes perform and how nice they are.

Never used squirrel hair before either, so theres that....

Simply outstanding collection. Truly.

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Keely N.
Absolutely fantastic

Omg these brushes are amazing, so soft and such good quality. They have transformed the way I do my makeup and I can create looks I couldn’t master before, especially when I’ve watched Wayne’s youtube tutorials

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