Wayne Goss

The Artist Brush Small

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Bianca T.
For soft and diffused application

If you like a soft and diffused application, i would really recommend this. Very easy to use even for beginners and they feel whisper soft on the skin. Seamless edges and transition. The large brush is great for the most natural blush, or bronzer. The medium brush i like for swirling on blush or highlight, setting under the eye. The small brush I love for a light wash of colour on the eyelid. These brushes are suitable for a polished look or a no makeup look.

avillager i.
gorgeous item, useful

It's so soft, great for hooded eye and any precise powder application. Just a lovely item.

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Sarah K.
A game changer for hooded lids!

I didn’t purchase this set when it launched because I thought it wouldn’t be something I reached for regularly. Finally, I decided to try the small artist brush and I can’t set it down! I just bought another one and will likely get one or two more! If you have deep set eyes / hooded lids this brush will literally change your eyeshadow game. It picks up the perfect amount of product because of its softness and allows you to take a crease shade to the most wonderfully placed, soft and perfectly blended place with ease. Because of the tapered shape you get a perfect gradient from crease to a high enough point on your lid to be visible yet SUBTLE. Please, just try it….I’m up at 2am writing this review because it’s that great (and….OK….that pesky menopause insomnia)! Also, I did try the goat hair version in similar shape and while it’s a lovely brush, it picks up too much shadow to get that same look as the squirrel hair. The goat does work very well for an outer corner sweep of color.

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Ale H.

I own a lot of Wayne's brushes, they are one of my go-to's because think they are an amazing value for high end brushes. I bought this brush just to try but I was skeptical (and frankly annoyed that it look different than all my other brushes). It stayed in my brush cups for a while before I tried it and I wish I had earlier. It's so perfect for picking up color in an even layer, especially for places like your transition where you want a nice evenly diffuse edge. I cannot say enough good about this brush, buying multiples so I always have one clean, seriously considering cutting the handle down on one for my travel kit.

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Kim C.
This brush is incredible

I LOVE this brush! It picks up product and lays it so precisely due to being pointed. The hairs blend color so nice. I have Z series and other high end brushes but none compare for my small, deep set eyes when it comes to complicated looks. Probably not worth it if you are doing a simple one color swipe. But for those of us who love to play, get it. I am here for more!

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