Wayne Goss

Brush 24S Large Fan Brush

Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes


Sheila D.
The Best Fan Brush

Love Wayne’s brushes. I have brushes from every brand and these are the best in the world.

Sofia A.
Works like a dream

Wow! Wayne Goss you’ve done it again! This brush is so soft it’s great for liquid foundation doesn’t leave any streaks, blends amazingly. I’ve washed this many times and it hasn’t lost its softness or shape. Please make some more of these brushes! Just waiting for the 27s and the 26s to come back in stock I need them in my life 😂

Chevonese  G.
Flawless Foundation Application

I got this after watching a You Tuber use this for her foundation and I was intrigued. I was looking for a new foundation brush and as I love WG I gave it a whirl. I admit, at first I was underwhelmed but I had tried this first with new foundation and actually it was the foundation that was problematic. I then went on to use it with my usual liquid foundation (Armani). At first I tried stippling it on which takes a long time and hurts your arm and takes a while to build coverage. I thought there had to be a better way. The shape of the bristles is similar to the Becca "the one" perfecting brush, so I thought I would try applying foundation using the technique I would have used for that Becca brush. This technique is to use short downward strokes. Game changer!! Flawless application, minimal time. This does not irritate my skin at all. I have not tried with powder as it's too large to fit in my powder foundation pan and I don't want to cram the bristles in a ruin the brush. This brush is thick and does take a bit to clean and dry it and took just as long as my T-1 to dry. I feel I can apply foundation with even coverage if I'm in a rush and no aching arms either :)

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Azadeh S.
Just perfekt

Es ist ein Wunderpinsel! Multifunktional und effizient wie keine andere Pinsel. Danke Goss!

Sofia A.
Great Synthetic brush.

Love this brush, it applies liquid foundation so smoothly, skin looks airbrushed, it’s soft but obviously not as soft as natural hair but for people with allergies it’s a great choice. Also the bristles don’t absorb as much product so it’s wonderful for applying foundation as you get more coverage than a natural hair brush. So easy to clean, a great well made high end great quality brush.

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Bec W.
Heaven is a WG fan brush

Every time I pick this brush up to use I feel spoilt. Pleased that I decided on synthetic as I know I can use this brush for cream or powder products without fear of ruining it. Also that it will stand the test of time/washing. I am not against natural hair brushes, but this feels just as soft to me as natural hair. I like the length of handle too. Highly recommend. Great brush for bronzer/contour, blush and powders.

We are all winking back at you Wayne, job well done.

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Samantha  B.
Must have foundation brush

This fan brush is not like any other. It Is the most similar in size as Sonia G sculpt two. The synthetic fibers are so soft and dense and the perfect length for application of cream and liquid foundation. It’s so easy to clean to. I use this Fam brush more than any

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Ivone C.
This is my favorite foundation brush

This is my favorite foundation brush, I was lucky that they gave it to me on my birthday and for 2 months I have not stopped using it, with liquid and foundations. I especially liked it when I use the Danessa Myricks foundation.

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Kate E.
Amazing multi use brush

Wow this brush is amazing! One of my favourite face brushes by far. It can be used for everything !!! I use it for foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, blending etc and I love that I can use it for liquid creams as well as powder

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Tia P.
Perfect FOUNDATION brush

This applies liquid foundation like nothing else! Not streaky, makes my product go so far, and the quickest application. IN LOVE

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