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Brush 12 Sculpting Brush (2014)

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The Face Set

Like all of Wayne’s brushes, The Face Set is handcrafted from cruelty-free, ultra-soft natural bristles. Watch this introductory video to get the inside scoop on this set from Wayne himself.

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Janine B.

Just got this in the mail a few days ago and have used it daily since. It seems all I reach for these days are my Wayne Goss brushes!! This is phenomenal for bronzer application and also has the perfect shape for contouring as well. The bristles are so soft!!!!!! Obsessed!

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Uniqueness F.
Photo of product included with review by Uniqueness F.

I have a weird love affair w/ this brush lol.. I touch it daily & run it over my face when I have no makeup on! It's finely packed bt loose, extremely soft & a bit wide. I would suggest reshaping after washing bc if you don't It Will poof up on you!

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Melissa M.
best brushes ever

I own all but two or three Wayne Goss brushes. I bought a few at a time, and of course, now I'm wondering why I didn't buy the full sets, as I ended up feeling like I had to own them all in the end. Anyway, this brush is the one that really surprised me. It was the last one I purchased, since I have a few brushes with a similar shape. It didn't excite me like the others. Of course, Wayne's is so much better than those other flat edge brushes. It's supremely dense and blends so effortlessly. One swift dip in the blush pan and a single swipe over my cheekbone and my blush could pretty much be done. It's a good all-arounder for corrections. If I've applied too much cream or powder, I can grab this puppy and smooth it out. Like all Wayne Goss brushes, it feels wonderfully luxurious against my skin. Thank you Wayne Goss for these incredible, cruelty-free brushes!

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Jen G.
Amazing brush

I have been on the hunt for the perfect brush to apply my becca mineral powder. Well I found it! (Angelic music here) this is my favorite little brush. After watching Wayne video "the lazy girls guide to foundation" I knew exactly which brush to buy. I use it for my powder, bronzer and blush. Best of all it is sooooo soft. I also like that I know it is a high quality brush and won't be falling apart in a few months. This is my first Wayne Goss brush and it will not be my last! LOVE IT! Gros bisous beautylish and to you Mr.Goss!

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Zach H.
Amazing Quality!

I got this brush a couple of days ago and immediately ripped open the packaging to see how soft it was and I must say, it did not disappoint! This feels like silk gliding across the skin and it applies bronzer, blush, and powder and blends as it goes so there's no harsh lines and everything looks seamless.

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Olga S.

This was the first WG brush that I bought, and it was literally the first makeup brush I have ever owned that made me go "Wow!". (Sorry, Hakuhodo - looks like we were just not meant to be.) It is absolutely glorious for bronzer - soft yet firm, not too big/small and generally awesome. I used to have to use two brushes for bronzing/contouring: one to apply and one to blend, but this one can do it all! Only downside I can think of is that it has a fairly strong smell of goat, but hopefully that will wash out soon. Overall LOVE this brush!

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Jackie A.
in looooove!!!!

let's just say i want another one!! perfect contouring brush! blends product beautifully!! big thumbs up!!! does not disturb your foundation when blending product! i highly recommend this brush. it's pricey but worth every penny. i guess quality comes a high price. not ridiculously high but it's up there lol

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L R.
Another amazing Goss brush...

I like to use the 12 for bronzing or applying a subtle powder highlight. The shape of the brush is perfect for working around the high points of the face; and the density/ softness of the brush allows you to blend pigments out seamlessly. I really like this brush with my Hourglass bronzers (yes, it's better than Hourglass's own brush for this purpose). I didn't think this when I first purchased it, but it's become a must-have in my kit. I even like it better than the holiday brush for my bronzing.

The 12 also works great on those days when you just want a quick application of a highlighting blush (rather than a blush + highlight combo, which for me, means 2 brushes) -- like the Mac mineralizeds or the baked Milani blushes. The 12 will sweep a lovely wash of color over the area and blend it out nicely for a very natural, glowy finish.

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Yanjie L.

Very good and versatile brush. Could work well for foundation and contour. Not recommend for blush as there are so many excellent blush brushes.

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Yixuan W.

unbelievable soft !but stile got very good shape.fabulous! well down wayne.well down. i think is good for powder or heavy cream,cheek or foundation.

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