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Brush 11 Powder Brush (2014)

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Olga S.

I absolutely LOVE this brush. I have spent so much money on trying to find the perfect blush brush, have amassed a huge collection of fails from EcoTools to Hakuhodo, and it looks like this one is as close to perfect as can be! What I love the most is how universal it is. I use it both with high and medium pigmented blushes, and it works beautifully with all of them. You know how sometimes brushes that are too soft won't blend out well, and brushes that are too firm end up applying too much? This one magically avoids both issues - it's soft to the skin, but firm at the same time.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with all WG brushes I have tried so far. Even my Hakuhodos never really "wowed" me, but these are absolutely fantastic!

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Jenn F.
Dream Blush Brush

As I noted on my review of Brush 4, before Wayne Goss started making his amazing brushes, I thought I could only use synthetics. My skin has always been sensitive to natural brushes, and nearly every other face brush I tried scratched and irritated my skin, or removed foundation and concealer in the process. Wayne's brushes are the softest brushes on the planet. I'm talking kitten fur, pussy willow, golden retriever puppy soft. I may or may not brush them on my face even without product from time to time. And I love that they are handcrafted and cruelty free.

This brush is the perfect for applying powder products to your face. The product info accurately describes it as a more rounded, larger take on Brush 2. I love Brush 2 for highlighting and contouring: the angled tip allows for precise application. But Brush 11 is the best brush I have ever tried for applying blush! The rounded tip picks up the perfect amount of product, and the soft bristles allow you to blend without disturbing foundation one bit. My go-to blush is Hourglass's Ethereal Glow, and this brush fits so perfectly into the compact you would think they were meant to be used together. Brush 11 is also great for bronzing and powder, although I prefer the Holiday Brush to set my makeup.

Like all of Wayne's brushes, Brush 11 washes and wears well, making it well worth its price. It is irreplaceable in my collection and I use it every day. If you don't have one already, subscribe to email updates and snap it up as soon as you can!

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Debby R.
Great soft multipurpose brush =Love

I love this brush. I never realized I didn't need a huge powder brush, this is perfect for putting powder just where I want it. I also use it for blush, blending, and final finishing of getting rid of any excess powders on my face. Just a lovely brush. Yes I have 2. And yes I have sold all my other brand of brushes, except my beloved Billy B's. I mean even WG still has his Billy B's!!

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Lesley  Y.
Lovely brush!

I own the Hakuhodo dupe for this brush, which is the S110. They are very similar since they have an almost identical size and use the same grade of goat hair, which is saikoho, but the WG 11 is slightly less soft due to the tea-dyed bristles. However, it is still ridiculously soft and since it is a bit less dense, the feel like the same softness on the skin. I actually prefer the WG 11 because of this, since I find the S110 a bit too dense and can move my foundation underneath because of it! WG brushes also feel a lot more luxurious to hold in my hand because of the weighted handles. This brush is very wonderfully made and is a good replacement for the MAC 129 and Bobbi Brown blush brush, since this is so much superior in every aspect.

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Jessica N.
Soft, dense, amazing

This brush is beautifully soft and great for applying blush. It reminds me of a Bobbi Brown blush brush I had years ago, but it is far softer. Since trying Wayne's brushes, I am spoiled and cannot use any other brands!

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Odessa S.
Versatile brush

If I had to recommend a brush from the Wayne Goss collection, this would be it! I love this brush for powder, blush and bronzer. For the price point it is a very multifunctional brush. The quality is impeccable and very comparable to the Hakuhodo brushes.

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Michelle L.

I'm so in love with this brush! It is unbelievably soft, especially for a goat hair brush. I can't even feel the difference in softness between this and Wayne Goss's #2 squirrel brush. The size, shape, and density of this brush is perfect for me for applying blush and bronzer. I almost want to buy a back-up of this in case anything were to happen to my brush. You can't go wrong with this brush!

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Ricshocka R.

I seriously love this brush! So soft and I have had no shedding which I always get from my MAC 129. Great quality. I'm saving up my money and invest in the whole face set.

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E L.
Soft, high quality

I bought this to use for bronzer but it's just not working for me for that purpose. I think that this brush is beautiful and extremely well-made. It might be better for pressing powder onto the skin because of it's flatter shape. I'd prefer a rounder fluffy shape for streak-free bronzer blending.

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Jackie A.
Great blush brush

I own 2 of theses brushes. Super soft. Great quality. Blush application made easy. Blends product like a dream. I seriously can't rave enough over wayne goss brush. I'm super in love!!! Because of these brushes I seriously got rid of my mac 129 116 and 150 too scratchy.

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