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Victoria D.

These have been tempting me for months, so I finally picked one up in Crush. It's soo minty and refreshing! I just love putting it on. You really don't need a huge amount at once either, it's got pretty great staying power for a gloss. I find I don't need to re-appy for 3-4 hours, granted I'm not eating. I try to drink with a straw so I don't need touch-ups all the time. I'm a little sad because the decorative metalish cap thing snapped off, and left only the purple underneath it. It doesn't affect performance, or how it opens/works, but it was pretty! For the price I'd like it to stay pretty, but it's nothing a little glue can't fix. I definitely want more of these lip glosses!

peppy g.
minty and hydrating...

these are so awesome! i got single-use samples of these lip-glosses when i purchased the UD Primer Potion. they came in little bubble wrap things that you could pop and each bubble would last you 1-2 uses. i got Crush and Midnight Cowboy. they're both really minty and get you in the mood for kissing. :3

and it smells insane like CANDY CANES! :D

the Midnight Cowboy one has a load of holographic glittery and looks pretty icky under daylight or when my lips were pale, but it looked fabulous in the evening. it's almost colorless. just glitter.

i really like Crush. it has no glitter which makes it great. kind of like of Clinique Long Last Glosswear's #14 (Cabana Crush) without the glitter or a more pigmented version #11 (Clearly Pink). maybe i'll buy this in full size. maybe, since i like the tube packaging better than having to use an applicator.

it survived a bowl of soup (and heavy-duty munching). i'd give it a 4.5 because of the minty scent/taste, but Clinique Long Last Glosswear has SPF 15 and this doesn't (but it's not as thick/dense and i don't know whether that's a good/bad thing) and Urban Decay's color range for this product are just a bad fit for my personality. plus, the minty feel/taste only lasts for a little while, so maybe 4 will do...

PS: pic i wanted to include but wouldn't upload: http://www.beautylish.com/f/axaiqp

Shena L.
favorite lipgloss!

Hated lipgloss, but got this as a gift. Loved it to deaaaaath. Feels like counterpain on your lips and it does NOT look like you just ate a whole bucket of chicken. LOVE. :)

Ashley C.
Fresh, Minty & Shiny Packed Tube!

Just looking at the top of the Lipgloss tube made me want it. It was beyond Cool, just like all of Urban decays products. I am a lipgloss/lipstick addict so of course something this flashy & cool must be added. I purchased my lipgloss at my local Ulta for around $18-19 i believe (not sure) but i picked the color Crush! What i think..

-Medium Size Lipgloss tube with metal like & plastic Cap (squeeze tube) -Bigger tube = More gloss! -Medium price Range & sold at sephora, ulta & online. -High pigmentation & smooth on the lips (not sticky or super oily) -Lasting power is a little weak but reapplication is required with any lip product - AMAZING cooling effect for the lips, makes my lips feel cool & almost cold -Minty flavor/smell that suppost to make your breath feel fresh but ive never noticed that on myself -This doesnt remind me of toothpaste mint but more like an after affect of minty gum or a tic tac

In all i adore this gloss, its a great new addition to my collection & i enjoy it often. I go back to it because of the cooling effect which is just the best!! I do recommended trying it out!