Urban Decay

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner


Julianne J.
Really Fun and Funky Liner

I love this product by Urban Decay. Stagedive is a bright, teal glitter liner. As one of you gals mentioned, the glitter is nicely suspended in the clear gel base. I love the liner brush as well, because its a thin brush that tapers at the end-so its guaranteed to provide precision when drawing lines. It does take a few swipes to build up the product and equally distribute the glitter on the lash line. If you're a perfectionist you can build the line up and get every speck of glitter in place, or be a little messy and carefree. I also like to pair Stagedive with a black liquid liner, for a funky fresh cat eye. I usually apply the cat eye liner on the outer third of my eye, and the glitter, on my inner eye or just layer it over a black cat eye on my top lash line, for a two toned effect. Believe it or not, the glitter liner looks great as is with some bold, black lashes- falsies or just your own! Great product and I wouldn't mind owning the whole collection!

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Christina G.

I seriously love these eyeliners! I have owned several colors (purple, teal, bronze, iridescent) for years and recently started using them again because I've been feeling glittery! I absolutely love them, and like other users have said, they stay on all day. I like to use them over eyeliner or above my eyeliner. I have also used it under my lower lashes for some serious glitter. It's really easy to apply and because the glitter is suspended in a clear formula, so it doesn't really show "mistakes." I usually apply it and let it set for a couple of minutes with my eyes closed or partially closed so it doesn't transfer to the upper part of my eyelid. After that, it stays put and offers a dose of sparkle all day. I have gotten at least one compliment every time I've worn it!

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