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this was an impulse purchase--the packaging is super glittery turquoise with a gold octopus and it was limited edition. the eyeshadows are bright, satiny, and a pleasure to put on. not everyday colors but every time I do use them I get excited. it's that kind of thing. the lipgloss is super sparkly too.

Brittany A.

This is a great palette for neutrals (three) and bright colors (three: blue [the most beautiful blue!], purple, and a purplish pink) color and texture are great, as always. Comes in an awesome zip up case (the palette can actually be removed and the case be used to carry stuff in, just don't use any magnetized cards like a credit card) and a travel size lip junkie which smells so good (mint) and the scent has "rubbed off" on the eyeshadow, which I oddly love. Oh, and the palette has octopi all over it, which is also a win for me!!! Love the palette, go buy it now!

Alletta F.

I really enjoy this palette! Love the cheery shades, lots of play possibilities. I can use all of the shades, although some may be more summery. I get to try out lip junkie lip gloss, and I kind of love the smell of it. Reminds me of something from when I was little.. The shades are really pigmented and the colour lasts; especially when combined with some sort of primer.

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