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Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Angie A.

JEEEEEESUS. This is the most amazing primer I've ever used. For an example, anyone here like concerts? Outdoor ones? In the summer? Well then, you probably have been to Warped tour. And you feel like you're melting at the end of the day, no? Not anymore! It was 100+ degrees and I was fully outside the entire day and not a single crease from when my makeup was applied around 10am to when I came home about 12 hours later. Very impressed, and would definitely buy again.

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Mandy C.
Who doesn't love it? But....

I've had three of these primer potions since I started wearing make-up. I thought it was the best thing in the world...until I ran out. I would wait for so long to buy more because it would be a bit out of my price range. My friend told me something that I will never forget and will pass onto you all because it was the best advice for this prodect ever! You know when you guys pull out the wand to apply it onto your lids, the excess amount gets squeezed off as you're pulling it out. And then you run out. You really don't. It's all clumped there, right at the top. What to do? Perfrom surgery. Cut the potion bottle open and you shall see your prize waiting for you at the opening of the potion bottle. And well because you can't leave the bottle cut open like this, take a tiny container, similar to MAC paint pot container, and with the wand scoop it out and put it in the container. You'll save a lot of money when you think you've run out and you really didn't. :)

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Josy-anne B.

Yep! This the potion you need to fix all your eyeshadow! No more worries about crease and you can put it at 7am and at midnight your eyeshadow is still PERFECT! Every woman, make up artist, beauty blogger, etc. SHOULD HAVE THIS!

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Michelle D.
Great product!

I have used this primer for over a year now and so far it has lived up to it's hype. I have oily lids and this helps keep my eye shadow on and from creasing. It may seem expensive but trust me it will last since you only need the tiniest amount to cover the entire lid. I will continue to purchase this primer. Also I should note that I have very sensitive skin and this works great and doesn't cause my skin any irritation.

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Lisa R.
It's the REAL DEAL!

I was using ELF primer before this...definitely glad I made the switch! I even use it before I shade in my brows (it doesn't take a lot) and it keeps all my little hairs in place lol. This is a great buy and it's not too thin and not too thick either. Perfect consistency!

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Nicole T.
I don't know how I lived without this primer!

Nothing else I've tried even comes close. Worrying about creasing is a thing of the past. Even when it's hot, and my usual primer used to run and crease, UD primer potion holds strong and my makeup never moves. LOVE it!

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Raewyn B.
Holy Grail

This is the one thing I will NEVER change! I work in a care home where it can get v. hot, I do 8 hour shifts and my eyeshadow will look exactly the same when I finish work! I love the original shade as it is universal and can be used under any eyeshadow colour but Eden is especially good under a brown/taupe colour. Eyeshow does not crease, smuch and makes eyeshadow colours much more vivid. Would be very surprised if there were another eyeshadow primer that did a better job than UD primer potion!

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Latora E.
Best Primer Potion Available!

I am a HUGE fan of this eye primer! I use it over my entire eyelid and under my eye lid as well! When using this primer my eye shadow doesn't crease, budge, move, etc all day long, and I work at a restaurant sometimes for up to 11-12 hour shifts and it still looks amazing at 3 am! Pretty impressive! Also I use the primer under my eyelid, and of course my mascara and eyeliner stays put as well! This is a MUST-HAVE! Worth every penny! :)

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Anissa K.

I don't do eyeshadow without this product! Its a must have in every KIT!!! Helps shadow stay put through out the day and i even apply to my eye brows before i fill them in. When i don't use it, its painful obvious!

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Sydnee M.
get this. now.

This is the greatest primer I've ever used. I have extremely oily skin and when I wear eye shadow it melts right off. But it isn't a coincidence that whenever I wipe this on my lids it stays all day. Some days I just put it on my lids when I don't even wear any eye makeup. It is well worth the money.

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