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24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners

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Kayla B.
Make-up must- have

This eyeliner has never failed me. 20 bucks seemed pretty pricy at first, but this was really worth it.The black ink always keeps its shiny luster while making my natutal/glamor/chic/any look - perfect!

Traci P.

Such great staying power you could apply it once and wear it for days if you don't have makeup remover to take it off, lol. Really though, this stuff is amazing, very pigmented and lasts 24/7 until you take it off. Love, love, love it!

Hannah B.

I haven't been able to find an eyeliner more pigmented than Perversion. It is an everyday staple in my makeup. It stays on until I remove it at the end of the night. It doesn't flake, or smudge. It makes a crisp line everytime. The applicator is a really great brush, I used to have problems with brush applicators until I bought this eyeliner. Now I'm a pro with brushes. I will always repurchase this. EVERYBODY CAN BENEFIT FROM OWNING THIS EYELINER!

Rebecca M.

For being high end, I was very disappointed. I expected a lot more from this product. Do not waste your time buying. A product that is exactly like this and I think alittle better is the liquid eyeliner from nyc. Same finish but a better brush.

Diyana S.
Melts on oily lids when in hot weather.

I have oily lids and I live in a hot and humid country. It's fine if I am in an air-conditioned building but when I am outside, the eyeliner will start melting. Then it'll transfer onto my upper lids. Not a pretty look.

The brush applicator is very thin, so you can get a very fine line. But to me, the brush is a little too flexible. When doing a cat eyeliner, it takes a while to fill in the flick as the brush is thin.

Alli Rose G.
It's not tear proof... Too expensive!

This is a good liner. The brush is tiny, flexible, and easy to use. It truly does glide on. It's a shiny dark inky black. Most of the time I go over with gel liner to matte it. This is waterproof in the sense that you can swatch it on your hand, rub it, wash your hands, and it won't move. I'm sure if your got your eyes wet from rain or something it wouldn't budge. It lasts throughout the day. However, I wouldn't wear this anywhere you know you'll be crying. It comes off faster than any liner I've ever used!! It's not salt water proof I suppose. For the price, I'd say that it's a deceiving rip off. NYX has great liners with the same brush for about a fourth of the UD price and it doesn't give a claim that'll make you angry later.

Joelei J.
Absolute favorite liner

This is my absolute favorite liner. It's precise and gives me the control I in the beginning couldn't get from a gel liner and angle brush. My favorite color is perversion it's an amazing shade of black and last very long even through tears lol. try It!

Victoria D.
My kind of eyeliner!

I have been sticking with the same liquid eyeliner for ages, but I've been wanting to try this one sooo badly, I finally managed to pick one up, and I think I've found a new staple eyeliner. I'm used to a pen-style eyeliner, but this applicator is so thin and just the perfect size, it's SO easy to use! It takes a couple seconds to dry completely, but once it does, it's there, for good, all day long. It stays perfectly black all day, with no flaking, smudging, no anything. I've decided I NEED this in more colors!

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Elle R.

No joke, this is seriously the best eyeliner I have ever used.. I have to agree 100% with the name, this liner last all day and beyond.. you have to use a makeup remover for it to budge which is the type of product I was looking for in regards to lasting power. The applicator is thin, and gives you the ability to create a very gorgeous winged eye without the costume-like thickness of some liquid liners.


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Nicole T.
it seems good for me

I actually got this liquid liner along with the Book Of Shadows 4 on christmas as a christmas gift from my mom,and what can i say?? I...Love...It :D

It's a really pigmented and matte black,and for me it lasts for the whole day and it won't crease for my experience on this product,which is pretty good,i've been looking for such products like this for a long time now and i've found it now :D