Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Nadia N.
Great pigmentation

This is a really good pencil. I like the pigmentation and how soft it is. They do have good lasting power but not for the waterline. Don't get me wrong I love it but I wish it would set on my waterline.

Melanie M.
Perfect Purple

I love the deep purple of this product. It glides on so smoothly and lasts fairly long. Not so much "all day" like some people may say...but I usually only have to touch up once. It's formula is creamy and perfect for the waterline. It is said to be waterproof, so long as you let it dry for a second before you blink!

Deepti M.

I liked this purple - it was a lot darker (in my opinion) than it seemed online, but I don't regret buying it. It's still purple, and it's very creamy and long lasting. Definitely worth the price!

Kalyn A.
Great eyeliner

First of all, I love this color! It's sort of a purple brown that looks different depending on what light you're in. These pencils definitely glide on really easily and don't tug on the eye, but I feel like I waste product sharpening them since they are so soft, and I haven't found that putting them in the freezer helps too much. They also aren't SUPER long lasting. They last a long time, but for being advertised as a 24/7 liner, it could be better. It usually fades on me after about eight or nine hours. http://bathbeautybattlestargalactica.blogspot.com