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Too Faced

The Return Of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette


Jacqueline H.
The Return of SexyPalette Rocks!

The Return of Sexy Palette is my 'go to' palette. I was in my local beauty supply store replenishing my kit, and this palette caught my eye. To be completely honest, I am a sparkle junkie, so when I saw these shadows, I knew it was meant for me.

Too Faced products have always been packaged well. I dare any woman to walk by a Too Faced display and not pick up an item just based on the super cute packaging. I have found that cosmetic companies that spend more time coming up with package design really drop the ball when it comes to the integrity of the product; however, this is not the case with Too Faced Products.

When looking at eyeshadow in terms of quality, you have three things to consider: 1. Pigment: A good eyeshadow has intense pigment for the best possible application. 2. Blendability: A high quality shadow should be easy to blend. One should not have to waist to much time making sure that there are even and consistent shadow transitions. 3. Compression: How the eyeshadow is placed in the tin, and the amount of talc used to bind the pigments effects how your brush will grab the shadow. A poorly tinned shadow will give you massive fallout. No matter how many times one taps their brush, you'll still get fallout. With Too Faced shadows, there is minimal fallout if any.

That being said, in my opinion, The Return of Sexy palette is a bit different from their regular shadow palettes. As a general rule, one really does not want to mix and match finishes, but this palette debunks that 'rule.' There is a combination of pearl, shimmer, sparkle and matte finishes, wherein you can create a sparkly intense smokey eye, or soft neutral look. These shadows can also be used wet, for a more intense application or dry for a softer, more daytime look.

I have clients that prefer a more neutral, soft makeup application, and when I whip this palette out, they look at me like I'm crazy. Once they see the finished work, they are in utter amazement that this collection can produce such soft results. Most of my clients run out and buy this palette after I use it on them. I also like the act that Too Faced palettes come with great little instruction cards so you can replicate the look.

Too Faced products are professional quality yet consumer friendly. $48 for this palette is a steal. The Return of Sexy palette is a must have.

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Susan B.

I Just bought Sexy Eyes a few weeks ago & the results are amazing!! All Sparkles & Glitters. What more could a girl want? But what i like best about this product is that it comes with instructions. I've been wearing makeup for years & somehow my Results NEVER look the way there supposed to. It comes with 3 daytime looks & 3 nighttime looks. I've tried all 6 so far & my eyes just pop. And the best part of all is that after learning the basics, mixing & matching is just endless! Another product that comes with the kit is the Eyeliner. That you can actually wear on your water line & it wont come off unless you remove it yourself. I think that actually sold me with this product right away. I've never had an eyeliner with Stay Power like this one does..

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Lesr K.
Super Shiny

if you want high shine and some glitter this is your palette. it has wonderful colors and very pigmented but no matte colors at all. I wear this in the day too but I would have given it 5 stars had the base colors or highlight colors been matte. all in all great price for 3 complete eye starter looks. the possibilities are really endless though. I love when palettes come with instructions. these are great. and it lasts all day. the eyeliner does last a good while but it's a bit too soft for me and breaks all the time. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. but the color is the Blackest I've ever seen. even darker than UD perversion to me!

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Nicole S.

The best eyeshadow love the colors. The fact that it came with primer and eyeliner. Awesome product to own. Will purchase more too faced products in the future. It's easy to apply and work with. I like it better than my Mac eyeshadows.

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Leslie W.
Love it!

I just got this and used it already! I love the looks that are included, they helped orient me to the product and how to used them. Eventually I will branch out on my own and create other looks. (Great packaging from Beautylish!!!! BTW)

I would purchase more Too Faced products in the future.

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Andrea M.
Love Too faced

I bought this palette I few months ago. The colors are really nice. This palette is perfect for doing your makeup when you are going out at night. Great product overall

Lavinia S.
Awesome Palette

This Palette is amazing! It's beautiful, the shades are very pigmented and it has everything you need in it (neutrals, pastels, and smokey shades) without being overwhelming because it has too many shades that you don't know how to mix and match. It's perfect, I love it and I have it with me all the time!

Dusty P.
Too Faced! Do I need to say more?

Love it! This is an awesome palette. But what Too Faced Product isnt awesome!!! Its very shiny!! I love how they come with tutorial pictures to show you some creative sexy looks. These are very helpful for me. I can always use more tips!! Its like having 3 mini palettes in 1 big palette. The packaging is so adorable also!!

elena d.

Until now considers the Too Faced shadows too dry for me and no easy to blend it... While I palettes with shimmery and glittery shades this company their texture and their performance is not me ... Fortunately this does not happen in The Return of sexy!!! Thanks God!!! Why psilofovomoun .... The shadows of this palette is more creamy, velvety and if the soft but not fine granule scatters around the application ... It's super pingmented and I have already used and wet & dry. Especially with the use of wet performance is maximized and I like even more!! Become more metallic and shiny but not looking cheap .... not that dry is ok ... but because in I think this palette is more than morning-evening and so I intend to use it-I think the most impressive wet!! For breakfast I used looks like some nuances Icon, Maneater and the Innocent but with similar matte shades other companies to be more wearable for day .... I think one of the less this palette is that while it has 14 shimmery, glittery & pearly shades, has only a thoroughbred the matte Pink Diamond ... I assume that some of you this might offend you ... I find it less as true, but does not make me regret it who gained ....

Jasmine C. Team
The name says it all

This palette is versatile for one. It also has great color pay off! Great for smokey eyes of course! The palette is separated into three sections and are given little cards as guides for possible looks making Too Faced a great brand for beginners!