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Too Faced

Shadow Insurance


Natalie C.
If it works in Singapore, It'll work for you!

If you know anything about this tiny little island, its that it's freakin HUMID, all day, everyday, 365 days a year. When you're here, you need a primer desperately because of the high humidity in this tropical city. I did an entire night out clubbing, with the hot & humid night drizzle, coming back home and sure enough, my makeup didn't even crease a bit! It looked as perfect as it did when I left the house. Oh and did I mention I got lost and started running around and was sweating like a gross pig in heels?! Even THEN, didn't budge.

So if it can survive the high heat & humidity of Singapore, people, it'll work for you!

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Julianne J.
Silky texture

I got a sample of the TFSI with my order of the Naked Eye Collection- which was great because I thought I might need to run out and buy it (I like to use the same brands for eye primer and shadow first, THEN mix and match). The sample is pretty hefty but its hard not to accidentally dry it out when its opened, even when tucked in a plastic sandwhich baggie. Nevertheless, the formula still holds up even when it thickens. Anyway, I've heard so many great things about this primer I was glad to finally get it, even as sample (I was beginning to think I was the only girl on the planet that didn't have this!). Texture wise this is very silicone-y- super silky, a texture I kinda love/hate. I don't think I creased up much, but I have been so often lately regardless of the primers I've been using. Oh well. This primer almost resembles the Lorac Behind the Scenes eye primer. Its too silky to be like the UDPP, which is more tacky and putty-like and Benefit's Stay Don't Stray is wet and creamy, nothing like this one. If you really like that slippery smooth finish this is the eye primer for you. I would get it again, but its not tops on my list, right this moment.

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Alyssa A.
Good Primer

This is a very reliable product. I have worn this primer under my eye makeup for photo shoots and it has "stood the test of time." The primer goes on pretty white which makes the eye shadow colors look more vibrant. The primer is just the right consistency, not too watery or too thick, which makes it easy to blend and apply with a small flat brush. All you need is a tiny bit of this product and it goes a long way.

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Sophia F.
Love love love this eye shadow primer!

I have tried so many different brands and types of eye shadow primer, and honestly this is the only one that I have had success with! Whenever I am wearing eye shadow, this is the primer I will use.

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Freya P.
Couldn't Live Without It

I'd never used an eyeshadow primer before but I love Too Faced & I've heard that wearing an eyeshadow primer really makes your eyeshadow last. I have quite a few Too Faced products, especially eyeshadow palettes & this primer really makes a difference in pigmentation & staying power. I'm gonna be honest & say that even after I purchased this product I purchased a few other brands of eyeshadow primers but I keep coming back to my Too Faced Shadow Insurance bc it's the best!

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Madai L.

I cannot believe I would ever apply eyeshadow with out this primer before. It really keeps my eye shadow in place! not only does it prevent my eyeshadow from feathering but it makes the colors pop even more. Really in love with this product.

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Hannah B.
Best Eyeshadow Primer!!!

I have extremely oily lids and this primer is the only one that I have found that doesn't crease on me or cause my eyeshadow to slide off. If you have oily lids and can't find anything then look for this!

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Samantha R.
Desert Island Product!

I can NOT go without this product! I use on average one a year, and I wear eyeshadow with this primer every single day. If I am interested in something that gives more color-popping effect, I layer NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk over this primer, but I never ever go without it!

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Gina B.
i really like this but there is room for improovement

ill start off by saying this is just my experience with this product. the product comes in n easy squeeze out tube so you can squeeze it either right on your lid or on your finger! the product its self is beige in color and the consistancy is creamy and a little sticky. it is really easy to smooth out over your eye lid and it is long lasting my shadow does not budge with this the only problem i have is that it is not that easy to blend out shadows over and also for about a half hour after applying your shadow dont touch it! if u rub anywhere it will smear! but after it is dried it does stay put i think i would definitely recommend this if you want your shadows to stay put all day! also there is no shimmer in this it is a matte product.

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Ginger P.
good primer

This is my go to primer for most of the time. Eyeshadows sticks to it, stays on, doesn't crease and blends well. On older skin it tends too look too dry so I prefer using cream shadow as a base vs. TFSI