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Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner


Katherine L.
Not For Contact Wearers

This eyeliner slides on smoothly but after a couple of minutes it slid into my contacts and made me have foggy vision!! I would clean my contacts and it's happen again until I wiped all the eyeliner off my water line. I really DO NOT suggest for contact users.

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Amy B.
Just average.

Cons- I have used better. It doesn't stay on my top waterline for more than an hour, and also makes my contacts extremely foggy EVERY time I put it on my waterline. Sits in creases (I don't have oily skin so it has no reason to run either). It is a mess when I try washing it off, I have to clean my eyes with eye makeup remover about 2-4 times because it just continually runs off. Pros- It does create a pretty smokey eye easily (though it only stays put for a bit), the sponge on the end is useful. Good pigment. Goes on easily. Will not buy again specifically because of the contacts issue, it would probably work better for those who don't wear contacts.

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Mariam A.

I do agree with some of the other comments, I brought this before and it just keeps on breaking! it was literally a waste of $20, even when I sharpened it, it broke

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Jesika S.

Was excited to get this product on sephoras 12 dollar sale but was sadly dissapointed. The product was to creamy and smudgy for my liking and I just got it everywhere on my eye. I honestly just took it off and put the product away, not before however the mushy tip broke right off. I am considering putting it in the fridge for a night to see if it helps, but so far my vote is no.

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Keli T.
Keeps breaking!

The first time I tried to use this liner it broke, I sharpened broke....I tried to sharpen it broke! Really disappointed! I can't say anything about the results of the product seeing as I cant use it!

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Susana R.

I love this eye liner! Not only is it waterproof but it really is long lasting and smudge proof. I love the wet look finish as well. I work in a store where we have a lot of liners and I recommend this product to a lot of clients.

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Nicole A.

I have super watery eyes and have a problem getting just about any eyeliner to stay in my waterline. I used to use U.D.S Perversion and ran out, when I went to my local ULTA I stumbled on this liner and thought I would give it a try, Ive stuck with it ever since. IT is really the perfect black so the name could not be better. I use this everyday for all my looks, it goes on sooo creamy and stays amazing no running no smudging. I am a huge fan of bold colors so I hope to see this collection grow more colorful(:

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Ladyruby B.
I use it every time I go out with friends

I love the perfect black eye liner it's just perfect. I use it every time I go out with friends to the clubs. It doesn't smudge and it keeps my look going all night. I reccoment it to any one that would want their eye liner to last all night!

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Chianta G.

These are actually some of my favorite liners. I use perfect black to tight line my eyes when I want a dramatic look and I use it to line my waterline when I'm going out at night. They do not smudge and lasts all night.

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Bec S.
Super smooth!

I swatched this a while back and didn't get it because I wasn't in a shopping mood. But then it was all I could think about! It seemed like it went on without barely even touching my skin. I hate pencil liners. They seem completely barbaric if you have to pull at all on your lid. This one glides super ultra smooth, you hardly even feel it. I went back and got it and now I use it constantly. It makes a great line and is a very dense black.

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