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Too Faced

Lip Insurance Lip Primer


Alli Rose G.
A must have!

I put my makeup on at about 7am. I wear any color lips, especially red, with this primer and it'll stay perfect until after I eat lunch. My lipstick, no matter the brand, will stay on through drink and eating a small snack. The color might fade a tad, but it stays in place. Nothing bleeds or fades unevenly with this. It's definitely worth the price!

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Jennifer H.
Best Lip Primer!

I've tried a lot of different lip primers and all of them have been disappointing, except for this one! I love Lip Insurance, it is the only thing that will keep my red lipstick on all day long! Just one more reason why I love Too Faced!

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Lela W.

I used to really despise lip products because I was constantly reapplying them. This product is AWESOME and doesn't end up with that dry and cracked look. It works well with glosses or lipstick.

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Stephanie T.

This stuff really does work great! My lipstick stayed on all day without smudging or budging. It really locked it into place. I highly recommend trying it for yourself!

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Nadia W.
It Works!

The reviews for this product were accurate. Lipstick does stay put until you take it off! It's a little sticky so use just a little to get the job done.

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Lucinda R.
Taking liquid lipsticks from zero to HERO
Lucinda R.'s Review Image

Any liquid lipstick that does not dry down matte enough for you, put this on prior to use and it will prolong its wear. ANY. It is a game changer.

Brianna A.
It's magic, I tell ya!

While I love my high-end lipsticks, I dabble around with cheapo drugstore lippies too. When I want to try out a new shade but don't wanna make a commitment or when I just need a quick little pick me up, I love getting a 2 dolla tube at Walgreens. Only problem is those formulas never stay put. With this product, no matter how cheap or expensive your lipstick is, it won't smudge! I've worn this through full shifts at work, busy days babysitting, and stuffing my face with Subway and it never moves! Serious witchcraft, guys. I also love it's transparent and doesn't interfere with your shade of choice. It's become my everyday product and I imagine it will stay that way for a LONG time!

S M.
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 WOW!!!!!!!!!! #1 product!!!!!

This primer! It's so awesome I can't even explain! Seriously people you need to get yourselves this product RIGHT now! If I were to buy this again I would buy 250 of these! Best primer so far! 5 stars all the way! Double thumbs up Too Faced cosmetics!

Dezdafying F.
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this lip primer

This is this best lip primer out there.. keeps my red lipstick from feathering and keeps the color on all day!!!! And a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time.. A+++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie C.
Must Have!!

This product is a staple in my collection. I apply lip liner and lipstick at 430ish in the morning and sometimes depending on the lipstick I find that I still have color at 1230 pm during my lunch and I work in a kitchen as a chef so I'm always tasting things and sweating! I love this product and I swear by it! The better the brand of lipstick the longer the wear. MAC stays on all day!! I've also found that lip gloss is very long lasting with this product!!! Love it can't say enough about it!!!