Too Faced

Lip Injection Extreme


Helen M.
wouldnt buy it

after viewing the picture of what the prouct does on the model I do not see any differance in her lips only thing I see that they are super glossy . no plump for that price I rather just get the elf lip plumper and call it a day sorry but that lip injection is a joke i wouldnt waste a penny buying it unless it proves me wrong I would need a sample then maybe will have a change of mind

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Denise T.

Oh my! I was quite surprised that it actually did hurt a bit , but even more so that it worked. My lips were instantly thicker and pinker. Also, I didn't know that this product was actually meant to be a permanent solutions to achieve thicker fuller lips, but it says so on the box.

Have yet to see its long term effects.

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Emily F.
Best lip plumper to date!
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I just reviewed this product on my blog but I really like it so I wanted to post it on here as well since the customer reviews on beautylish really influence my purchases! I was looking for a good lip plumper and read good things about this and I am so happy I bought this product. When you first apply it your lips feel tingly and 5-10 minutes later the tingling ends and your lips are fuller. Of course, if you have thin lips don't expect this product to make your lips look like Angelina Jolie's lips! If you are looking for a product that will enhance your lips and make them look a little fuller, then this product is for you. For people who purchase this, just understand that no product is going to actually make your lips 10 times the size, it makes them a little fuller and it’s enough of a difference that when I looked in the mirror I said “wow!” but just know that it can only enhance your lips a little, but it is the best lip plumper I have tried to this date.

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Jazz P.

It plumps, tingles and adds color to your lips & smells good! It's expensive & the tingling only lasts about for a minute. I wouldn't repurchase only because the price is ridiculous!!!! I mean its very expensive... But its worth the price so you can buy it and I read its reviews here which helped me lot!!!!

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