Too Faced

Lashlight Mascara


Katherine T.
Love the wand!

Lasts the whole night! It's a little more expensive than pharmacy brands (and some of those are pretty awesome), so I guess I'm taken by brand loyalty! And pretty great packaging: really eyecatching!

Rockabilly B.
Love the mirror and light, mascara itself was good also, but the wand broke.

I saw their products and fell in LOVE- with everything from the packaging to the uniqueness of the products! I was bragging and showing off the mirror and light on this mascara to everyone, I mean how cool is it to be able to do your mascara in poor lighting, and the mirror and light are connected to the mascara itself...Genius!! ...BUT-unfortunately the wand broke off inside the mascara leaving me no way to get it out, and I had only used it for about a week:(