Too Faced

Eyeshadow Duo


Ellen E.
Such a great color combination!

I bought this on a whim, and then discovered I was using it almost every day. The dark blue is such a lovely shade and compliments any eye color, but the light blue... oh man. SO great on its own, or applied over a white cream base. But then I discovered when you apply it over a dark base or over eyeliner, it brings out all this amazing iridescent reflective color.

And then I took it traveling... and it shattered into a thousand pieces in my bag. I almost cried.

Anna W.
Interesting colors.

Lots of loves about these shadows. I have a few of the duos, and have my eye on a few more.

The colors are very interesting. The 'skinny dip' duo is my favorite. Both shades are blue, but they have a purple duochrome that really pops when the colors meet and blend on the lid. I can do a blue smokey eye using just the two colors and there is so much depth that it looks like I used a dozen shadows.

'ooh and aah' is another favorite, the silver color is intense and metallic.

I love too faced shadows because they are featherlight, pigmented and blend incredibly well. They have a really long wear time, which goes to crazy-long wear time when you use a primer.

These are also in a generously sized pan, 0.08oz, even thought they are priced similarly to UD shadow singles, which are 0.05oz. Given the quality of the shadow, I feel that the duos are a really good buy.