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Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara


Katherine A.

I love this stuff-I don't have problems with clumping and haven't needed to wear false lashes since I started using it. I don't know about better than sex....but it's pretty damn awesome! I usually put on one coat, then wait a few minutes for it to dry then put on another one and BAM!

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Racquel S.
i expected so much more

i'm always on the quest for new products...even when i already have products that work PERFECTLY -_- .... my go-to mascara for the past 2 yrs has been benefit's they're real (which is fantastic....just a pain to get off)...but i saw allllllll this hype about too faced bts mascara and decided to try it.... it was a BIG disappointment. first of all the product LOOKED clumpy on the brush and was difficult to distribute on my lashes. it took alot of work to get it on nicely and it totally transferred onto my eyelids. i don't know how i would have managed had i been wearing eyeshadows. anyways i manoeuvred and wore it a few times and i must say it gave me niiiiiiiice volume and good length..HOWEVER....after having this product for only TWO WEEKS, I WENT TO OPEN IT THIS MORNING AND REALISED ALLLLLL OF THE PRODUCT DRIED ONTO THE BRUSH....literally the tube was light as a feather wen i took out the brush (bcaws all the product was on the brush).... sooooo disappointed. for over $20, this mascara should have been more user friendly and should NOT have dried up and rendered unusable in 2 weeks :-/

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lizett  p.

love! best mascara out there hands down! it makes my eyelashes long and thick and i dont have to put so many layers of mascara for them to look awesome rwo coats and am done!!!!

Alisha b.
It's amazing

I always said that I would never spend more than $10 on a mascara but I decided to give it a go after Dulce Candy raved about it. It is the best thing I've ever used. I've repurchased it 5 times over the last two years. It makes my lashes longer than any other mascara from any of the 100's of brands I've tried since 2002. It is expensive but it's part of my everyday makeup now so I can't live with out it

Jasmin D.

This is one of the best mascara's hands down. I don't have long eyelashes but this mascara does the trick. It volumizes, lengthens, and does not clump my eye lashes at all. Definitely check this product out!

Rachel anne M.
LOVE this mascara!!

I got this mascara as a sample and quickly had to buy the full size when I ran out. I fell in love! It's so dense and black, and it makes your lashes HUGE and FAT but it somehow doesn't clump! It's a dream for pinup looks, especially when you're too lazy to put on the falsies. Buy this mascara!!

Nanna H.

If you like big fat lashes and at the same time a mascara that lengthen your lashes? Well, then you can go wrong with this one! I am lucky to have long lashes already, but this mascara just make it look like I am wearing false lashes. The mascara gives my lashes length and volume. Although I must say, I can (in the end of the day) start to "crumble" a bit, but not so much that it bothers me. :-)

D Anna L.
Lives up to its name

Mascara was always one of those cosmetic items I bought just because and always struggled with finding one that didn't flake, look dry, or clump my eyelashes together, and that had a decent brush. No mascara has ever made that drastic of a difference on my naturally long eyelashes, until I discovered this gem. I am definitely not one to splurge on make up, in fact I often go the cheapest route. However, I am willing to fork out the $23 bucks for something that works! This mascara lasts me a decent time (about a good 2-3 months) given that I don't need to layer as much and it never, ever flakes. Words really can't express how satisfied I am with this product. I can't see myself using another mascara any time soon.

Kylea M.

ALL OF MY YES WITH THIS MASCARA. I got this in a baby size, and then I ended up buying the full size from Sephora and I am definitely, DEFINITELY repurchasing this. I'm in love with it. It gave me great extension on my lashes and since I have naturally long eyelashes, I loved how it accentuated them. It didn't clump, it didn't irritate my eyes, it was perfect. This product is beautiful.

Becky F.

I recently got this product after hearing many different people rave about how wonderful it is and after trying it I can see why! The brush is beautiful and gives the lashes a bold, build-able volume. I usually need two coats to get my desired look but even with that my lashes always look and feel very soft when I have it on, no clumping or stiffness. An added bonus is that I haven't experienced any flaking at all (thank goodness lol). It's a fantastic product and I definitely recommend it.