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Shade & Illuminate Glow Stick Sunstruck


Tracy S.
Summer Perfected

Absolutely love at first blush. Literally. The highlighter is a beautiful shimmer, wet-looking, but so easy to work with. Easy to build up, but you can absolutely still use it without worrying that you'll be seen from orbit! The blush is //very// pigmented and incredibly creamy. On my medium/tan skin the coral really pops. It gives precisely, I think, the effect Tom Ford is trying to elicit. That slightly red, slightly sunburned summer glow. Absolutely healthy looking, without a lot of the terrible orange that most corals seem to pull on me. Both sides were easy to blend out on my skin, but YMMV, as I don't wear foundation, so I don't know how it might move or affect those of you who do.

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Ruth H.

Loved how smoothly this product was applied! I have dry skin and the formulation was easy to blend color and highlighter together to achieve a flawless finish.

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Nguyen N.
Beautiful product

This product is creamy and easy to blend. I love the sunburn effect it gives on my skin. I hope it's not limited <3

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Kristin A.

Really really pretty and so easy to use. The blush is buildable - a little goes a long way, and the highlighter is glowy without being glittery.

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