Eye Color Quad Crème


avillager i.
fine formula, always need to add something brighter

Very nice formula, colors are nice, BUT, I'm always compelled to add something to brighten it up a tiny bit (even a lighter matte). It IS nice, but if I knew now what I didn't know then, I might not have popped for this. I couldn't care less about the name, bought it due to the formula raves, and it IS a lovely formula.

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Souhaila E.

I was so thrilled to see these launch-thank you Beautylish for always bringing us the newest in Tom Ford first! For those of you who know and love the quality and luxury and endless versatility of Tom Ford's iconic shadow formula-this will be a huge treat for you as it was for me. When I saw the word Crème I was so excited, and this palette lives up to every expectation. Mr. Ford always mentions the importance of symmetry when he talks about the Beauty collection-playing with light and shadow to achieve that look with your face, and in the same sense when you are creating an eye look, the glamour of being able to play with light and shadow and sculpting the eye to achieve beautiful dimension. What I love about any. TF quad is the exquisite curation of shades/textures and of course formula. This true cream powder FORMULA is a delight, and it truly does 'melt' or as I would say meld into your skin-it offers gorgeous color saturation, and the shades are just so complementary as with any TF Quad. The texture is sublime-and these shades allow you to create the most gorgeous definition. Easy, exquisite glamour. Thank you Mr. Ford! Definitely looking forward to picking up Rose Topaz and Tiger Eye as well(they have just re-stocked!)

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