Maracuja Waterproof Creaseless Concealer


Morgan W.

I love Tarte products, and this has been my staple concealer for about a year now. I use it for blemishes, under eyes, and for sculpting sometimes underneath my cheek contour. It blends easily, and the consistency is thick. The only thing I suggest is using a bit of setting powder for underneath the eyes, I have had some creasing occur here.

Rikki P.
My new best friend!

Since I had my Benefit Erase Paste for almost a year and the consistency was starting to change (and not for the better), it was time to find a new concealer. Erase Paste isn't the best for me, so I was hoping for something different that was better and cheaper. Erase Paste is 26$, okay? That's not nice to my wallet even if I can afford to buy many of them at one time.

This Tarte concealer isn't the cheapest either. It's 24$ and I'm not sure if it has less or more product than the Benefit. I received this in a swap, the shade Light, so I didn't have to pay anything, lol!

I have very dry under eye circles so I was hoping for a concealer that was more liquid-y. I think this concealer is a mix of liquid/cream, but what do I know? It's on the thicker side. The girl that gave this to me warned me and said that the concealer is hard to get out, but I've had no problems. It's actually a good thing though because a little does go a long way, and I normally do not say that, ha. I use my SOHO pink handled crease brush to apply this, and then I'll use my fingers to pat it in/spread it out more. Set it with some powder and you're good to go!

I do think Light is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit too dark for me, so next time, I'd go for Fair. But Light is good enough. This thing brightens up my eye area and as long as I use the amount of eye cream I normally use, it doesn't look like a dry nasty mess like Erase Paste does.

Morgan B.
difficult to work with

First things first. It's very difficult to get this out of the tube. I had to squeeze and squeeze until it all came out at once and I had way too much. It's very thick and hard to spread, even after warming it with my fingers. I know it's a full coverage concealer, but this stuff is way too thick. The light shade was too light for my ultra pale skin and the concealer pilled under my eyes. The only saving grace is that it's good for covering pimples if your shade's not too light.