Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Gloss

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Jessica B.

I've lately been tired of lip products that are either too bright or too sparkly. I've been craving a natural-looking, but still noticeable lipgloss. When Tarte first came out with these, I had a difficult time deciding on the color I wanted, so I tried on every color at a local Sephora store. I thought by looking at Blushing Bride that the color was too dark, and wouldn't be flattering on me, so I was totally surprised when it was only slightly darker than my natural lip color! It's now my favorite lipgloss. I actually didn't find the consistency to be that sticky. It definitely doesn't feel like a balm, though. Anyway, it does cost more than what I would usually spend, but I think the moisturizing benefits are amazing. I think it was worth what a paid for.