Chelsea D.
So natural looking!

I love this cheek tint I ALWAYS wear it when I want that natural look of rosy cheeks! And all you need is a little smear and your good to go! (with a little blending of course) Or if your looking for a deeper flushed looked it doesn't take much more!

Noli M.
"Tickled" works on everyone!

Okay, okay. This cheek stain... It's unbelievable. You can apply more for occasions, or tone it down with some powder on top. Whenever I wear this, I get compliments. And also note- although it seems dark, "tickled" is by far the most universal shade. The packaging makes it seem purpley, but it's really a nice natural pink-red-peach color. I have tried the shade on at least 5 of my friends, and it seems to work fine for them every time, and they're skin tones do vary. If you still aren't sure, try to find it at a Sephora or another makeup store where you can try it on!