Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

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Lyndsie  T.

very pretty also bright and pigmented. really don't need too use a lot so no need too build it up I have fair skin built up a lot and looked like a clown no need to use a heavy hand a little goes an amazing way! Love this and would highly recommend

Mia Taryn B.

I am totally going to have an affair with this blush. It is the perfet bright pink, a little goes a long way and it is so buildable to achieve a very amazing statement cheek.

Heidi R.
Not bad!

I must admit I didn't love this at first I actually hated it but I decided to give it a second chance and its not that bad. It blends and applies nicely! Ive grown to love the look it leaves. It is buildable even though I wouldn't want to build it up too much.

Stephanie T.

Since I'm so fair I have to use a super light hand when applying this blush. It's sooo bright and pigmented and I learned that the hard way. It stays on a long time and looks beautiful so I recommend it. tarte is one of my all time favorite makeup brands.