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Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sparkle Baby Collection Palette


Ann S.
Lovely sparkle!

I like sugar. I take (vitamin) pills, which help me sparkle, baby! Maybe I'm too old for this palette, who knows? But years of cancer treatment taught me to do what I love, and I love this gorgeous, candy colored eye shadow set.

When you get older, your eyes get deeper and you need something to pop them, which these colors do, but not in a garish way. My favorite color is the Orange, which is soft and colored like a ritz dye Easter egg, (or a fluffy orange tabby kitty) and goes well on days coral is your choice. It mixes nice with soft pinks, browns and even a bolder orange if you want to punp it up. The lavender is also lovely, and matches all your more conservative plum colors or a pastel 1980s wedding. The pool blue reminds me of my mom's makeup when she had her beehive done every Friday. Update it with navy and you have a modern look. The only one that's a bit out there is the red one. It unfortunately matches the veins in my eyes so I haven't figured out how to make that one hot-sy without looking like I went totsy. I guess there are some things you are too old for.

Seriously, these shadows are lovely. No fall out, quite pigmented, and truly modern updates on colors that most reading this didn't know were worn in the dinosaur days. They are easy to tone down for mature women yet still give some freshness. This is one of my favorite palettes, as pretty to look at as it is fun to wear.

And, if a cancerous old lady like me can get away with it, and I do, you can too.

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Toryanni P.
Pretty Shimmery Pastels
Toryanni P.'s Review Image

I love this palette for spring! The colors are all really pigmented with little bits of sparkle! I've loved Sugarpill for years because of the high pigmentation in their eyeshadows and this lighter color palette is no different!! Hotsy Totsy is one of my favorite colors but it can stain your eyelid even if you're wearing a primer or something underneath!

In the picture (I was just playing around that day with the head band) I'm wearing Candy Crush, Frostine and Kitten Parade! You can see how they are quite solid in color and have some sheen!

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Allison R.

The pigment in these colors are fantastic! I've love Sugarpill, but I always bought the individual colors. I'm so glad I decided to buy the whole pallet and not just two of the colors. Queen Frostine and Candy Crush are definitely my favorites, but each color is uniquely beautiful and I find myself using all four colors together for a gorgeous pastel goth look. If you are looking for cute, sparkly colors that aren't too extreme for everyday wear, this is the right pallet for you.

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Ruby D.
Ruby D.'s Review Image

This palette is my favourite Palette. Hotsy Totsy, Kitten Parade and Candy Crush are really highly pigmented and go on opaque and evenly in only two swipes, Frostine takes about four swipes to be opaque and even but it is a very light color, i only use Frostine for the crease anyway. These eyeshadows can be worn without a primer and they will not crease like most eyeshadows do, they also do not fade and I do not get any fallout, I can wear these eyeshadows all day and they last in the exact same condition as when I first applied them. The colours also are very blendable and look absolutley stunning together, I normally wear all four colours on my eyes in a rainbow and they really look beautiful together. I also love the packaging, it is the most adorable eyeshadow palette I have ever owned. The other amazing thing about this palette is that it is also not very expensive at all it costs $34.00USD which is pretty good considering you are getting such a high quality product in the cutest packaging you will ever see.

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Kylea M.
Yes yes yessss.

This was my FIRST Sugarpill purchase EVER. I don't have a lot of girly colors like this so I was a little hesitant but oh my god am I in love with it. With a little primer and a white base these shadows are gorgeous. They go on smooth, they blend well, and they make my eyes pop. I get so many compliments when I wear colors from this palette. This definitely made me fall in love with Sugarpill. Love, love, love this.

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Sandy B.
Just So Cute

i admitted, i bought it because of the packaging. The colors are so beautiful and easy to work, they blend nicely and are greatly pigmented. I personally use these type of colors on an everyday basis, this is a lovely palette, i'm very happy with it.

Amanda C.
I LOVE this palette!

I really love this palette, the colors are beautiful and very pigmented and they last all day (I did use a primer, but I always do). I was surprised at how big the eyeshadow are, it made me love it more when I seen they weren't the normal small palette shadows. I will be buying more Anna Sui products if this is what you get from her line.

Amanda C.
Love This Palette!

I bought this and I love it! The colors are all over pigmented and look beautiful on with or without a primer. The packaging is really cute too. I like that it comes with a case to slide it into as an extra precaution.

Cheri B.
In Love!

Ive been impressed with every sugar pill product I've tried and this one did not disappoint. The pigmentation is so true to pan.. and Kitten Parade is one of my new favorite highlight colors. The packaging is beautiful and quality!

Lenea L.

This pallet is awesome... Colors are so bright and true to color you see. I was extremely impressed with long well they stayed on and through all my sweat still looked the same. A huge thank you.