Eye Shadow Pan


Victoria S.
A very unique cloudy shade

Cloud is another one of Stila's unique shadows. It's a shimmering pale silver-gray with undertones of both taupe and blue/purple. How could this eye shadow combination exist? Trust me, it does. Cloud, I believe, is aptly named; it reminds me of the sky before a storm is coming. It's beautiful paired with all sorts of cool toned blues, eggplant purple (perhaps Stila Cassis), grays, pewters, blacks, and even warm deep browns! Even though the shade seems quite cool toned, it works with a lot of variations of color, that's what makes it so unique! I wear Cloud on the lid smoked up, or just in the inner corners and inner lid as a pop of unexpected silvery/blue goodness :) The texture is soft and buttery, like most Stila shadows, and has a lot of pigment for such a pale color.

***Please see my review on Barefoot Contessa for a general overview of Stila Eye Shadows