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Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil


Bridget F.
Really disappointing

I was SO excited to try this. I wanted to buy the darker shade for a bit of a tint as well as glow to warm up my light skin, but it was sold out for ages so I decided to give this shade a go. It is not at all worth it. It leaves a noticeable residue on your skin and the glow is only subtle and fades very quickly to almost unnoticeable. It does sink into your skin somewhat over time but still feels a bit greasy to the touch. To be honest, I have simple drugstore moisturisers that give my skin a nicer and more natural healthy look without leaving residue. I really wanted to like it and have tried it a number of different ways over the last couple of months (alone, mixed with moisturisers and sunscreens, over fake tan, applying with different brushes and tanning mitts) but it just doesn't improve. I would certainly have returned it but the return shipping from Australia is very expensive, so I'm stuck with $53 AUD of useless product. Sorry, but it's really disappointing.

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Theresa R.
Smells divine

I absolutely love this scent, gave my legs, arms, and shoulders a nice subtle glow. The color is perfect. I want to buy more it smells like a vacation!!!

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Angela E.
F-ing amazing

I bought the one. It lasted over six months. Then I came back and bought three more. It smells good, it looks good, it feels good. Love love love it.

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Angela E.

I'm finally embracing that I have only skin, and using this after a shower helped me glow. All. Day. Long.

Will definitely be buying again!

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Shannon C.
Not for me

This is a hard pass for me. It caused an allergic reaction unfortunately The oil and pigment did not mix very well I had to really shake it hard and check then repeat and repeat and repeat before it didn't have a pool of oil sitting on top of the pigment. Very frustrating then to put it on and have hives well that just broke my heart.

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