Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner


Arlene jessica J.

I swear by this product! I loved it the moment I used it. It goes on so easily, does not cake or dry out, lasts for 8 - 10 hours and only really comes off when you use make up remover or make up wipes. It lasts for ages and for such a small pot as well!! I have had mine for 4 months now and have not even reached the bottom of it yet :) Quite costly, so pick a good colour when you do purchase.

Madai L.
Almost perfect

It's one of my favorite eyeliners to use. Long lasting and love the color. Only down fall that sometimes it flakes. But I usually put on a eye moisturizer to help it stay on and add a bit of powder eyeliner on top to set it so it won't flake.

Jenna T.
Best waterproof liner EVER!!!!!!

I got the smashbox set with the jet-set waterproof liner, their gel liner in caviar and a pencil iner and they are my favorite! I use this liner on my water line and pack black eyeshadow on top and it stays on all day, doesn't smudge and most importantly, DOESN'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A RACOON! I highly suggest this product, it lasts forever too, it's the most pigmented waterproof black liner i've ever encountered. This is definitely a bang for your buck!

Lisa C.
They are ok

These liners are not the best, they are very dry and flaky, but they do stay put and they are waterproof. They are not easy to work with though because they don't really move once you place them so you have to get it right the first time, so they aren't great for beginners or people for aren't great at eyeliner.

Katharina W.
dry and not so pigmented

if you have some tried other gel eyeliners you will see that this takes some product to get it really dark black....and it's not as creamy as for example fluidline from mac. another thing is, I have this one for a few months and it's very dry I would say it's too pricey for that

Angela W.
Suuuuper black!

I wanted to be able to have a line that was as dark as ink.. and I got it. The smashbox brush that you can purchase with this is absolutely necessary. I've tried other brushes and they just didn't measure up. This formula is awesome and easy to use. Totally the perfect liner if you're going for that sexy cat's eye, which I like to wear almost daily. Me-ow!