Sinful Colors

Nail Enamel


Melinda H.
Love it

A friend of mine told me about this brand being available at walgreens and on a whim i went there it was on sale for 99 cents last week so i stocked up! i will have to say i'm not sorry i did either!! it's a great product for the price and i'm learning all kinds of new tricks with it so when and if i ever decide to go more expensive i will know what i'm doing and now waste it!

Victoria D.
Thin Formula

I love the color selection you can choose from with Sinful Colors, but the formula is so thin and runny, no matter what I do, it ALWAYS pools on my nails. I've tried thin coats, and thick coats, and everything in between, but it STILL pools on the sides of my nails! I need at least 2 coats before I get a nice opaque color, which isn't much to complain about. Just disappointed in how thin and runny the formula is.

Kalyn A.
Not the best.

This nail polish has pretty opaque color after only two coats, but it dries very matte. Unless you want a matte polish you'll definitely need a topcoat over this. Additionally, I haven't found the lasting power to be very impressive. It usually chips pretty badly after only four to five days.

Catherine S.
Hit Or MIss

This Brand has so many bright, excitng colors and this was my very first time trying out this brand...i was a bit disappointed that half the colors i got were very pigmented and were not streaky at all while the other half did not match the color that it appears to be and i also had to apply more than 2 coats to cover the streakiness :( Great Price but its either a Hit Or MIss

Angie R.
You get what you pay for...

I love the color BUT you have to apply about 3 coats of nailpolish just so that the color is as bright as it looks in the bottle. The other downside is that it doesn't last very long... as soon as you wash a dish or take a shower, it chips. But it's cheap and the color is really cute, so I would just wear it for one night.. Cuz it'll be gone by the next day.

Taylor S.
Hate it!

Absolutely hate this product. It is so thin. I put on like 5 coats and you could still see the white line in my nail. Plus when it dried it was so matte. It looked like I painted my nails with a canvas paint. I will defiantly never repurchase this product again!! Ugh!