Sinful Colors

Nail Enamel


Bry R.
Sinful colors is....

Pretty amazing!! I've only had a few bottles (I'm going to start buying more) and I've loved every single one. No super gross, nail ruining chemicals and it's well pigmented, barely need two coats and I haven't noticed excess chipping. It's definitely in my top 5 favorite brands!

Rebecca M.
Love it!

I LOVE the Skinful Colors Brand! I was introduced to this brand two years ago and I refuse to go back to sally Hansen. The color of Sinful Colors lasts longer, its bolder,and matches everything! I love using the snow me white as opposed to true colors because I think white is a color of it's own. It can have any hue you want and it goes with everything. I use the snow me white for special occasions and for school. It always impresses and it always gets noticed, Thank you Sinfl Colors, what would I have ever done without you? <3

Courtney L.
Love it

I have three different white polishes, sinful, orly and sally hansen, and this one is my favorite. For some reason it lasts the longest on my nails. The other 2 get those gross wrinkle like cracks and i hate it this one hasn't done that yet and i use it quite often.

Isa T.
So difficult to work with!
Photo of product included with review by Isa T.

I'm not really sure how people can get such nice swatches of Sinful Colors polishes. I've seen 4 different people (including myself) try 4 different ones--two cremes, two shimmers--and all have been streaky, uneven, and just so frustrating! I had "Gorgeous," which is a nice aqua/green/teal duochrome, but I needed 3 coats to get a nice, smooth surface. My cousin tried on a white creme, and it looked even worse, because you could see each and every individual line/flaw that wouldn't even out on its own. The glitters are pretty good, though. Cons: -Uneven application Pros: -cheap. At my Target, they're like $1.50 -comes in a variety of colors and textures -Resistant to chipping -Glitters are of a higher quality