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Eye Polish


Allie K.
The color is fantastic, but use with care

First impression: Absolutely gorgeous color payoff. I can tap this on my eyelid with a fingertip and blend into the crease with a soft brush, and I'm good to go for the day.

HOWEVER: Before I purchased this, I read through both the description on Beautylish and the description on rms's website.

rms's website has some dire warnings not to use this eye polish with any other moisturizers or products, but I must say that I've used it very successfully applying Urban Decay's original eye primer first. I think this keeps the eye polish from slipping around, especially since one of the main ingredients is coconut oil.

I also suspect that I might have an easier time with this eye polish, since I have very dry skin--I'm not sure how someone with very oily eyelids would do with this.

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