Rimmel London

Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil


Glitterface x.
This will always be my favorite Kohl liner!

This is THE blackest Kohl eyeliner of all. I have tried SO many different ones and they have all disappointed compared to this one. It's perfect for using on the waterline, or around the eye for a more dramatic look. It's also perfect for smudging into a smokey effect on the top or bottom lids, I wear this instead of eyeshadow a lot of the time. You those night where you come home from a night out and just fall right into bed without taking off your makeup? Well this is one of the ONLY makeup products I know that seriously looks even better after sleeping in it! Seriously rockin! To top it off, it's great value and can be picked up in almost every chemist/drug store. 5 stars from me!

Kimberley L.

The best pencil eyeliner I have ever used! It goes on smooth and easy to apply. I have this eyeliner in a blue and green color. I would buy again for sure!

Hasini J.
Kajal, my love.

I'm a lover of all things Kajal and since i have black hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, i can get away with using dark black on my eyes. This definitely provides the colour intensity that so many eyeliners lack. However it does smudge quite quickly - but that happens with every kajal eyeliner. It is very creamy so it does not last a really long time but the pencil itself is quite long so it balances the time period out. It's great for blending as it does not dry up on the face and so it's great for a smudged eyeliner effect, or for creating a smokey eye. You can even use it as a cream shadow! It glides on smoothly and gives you that sex factor !

Sol C.

Can't stress enough how much I love this pencil. It's my quick easy go to. Glides smooth for a perfect cat-eye. Been using this for years & will never go w/ any other brand of pencil.