Rimmel London

Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish


Morgan C.
Decent Enough

I like the colors it comes in. I like the style of the brush. I found the formula to be a little too thick which took forever to dry. On its own it only lasted 2 days without chipping. Overall its an okay nail polish if you don't plan on getting too fancy with it...

Bama R.
Love it! Wearing it now :)

I love Steel Grey and Gold Silk. They are so pretty! I purchased the nail polishes about a month or two ago and I'm just now getting around to trying them out. I also have two other colors, burgundy flirt and hot chocolate. Currently, I am wearing Steel Grey. In the bottle it looks grey, but when applied it has more of a brownish-grey tone to it. It's a great fall color.

Bebe E.

This lasted me a week and it did not streak at all. The applicator made it really easy to applied. And for the price the formula was pretty good. Steel grey is my favorite color nail polish of all of my polishes.

Holly K.
love it

It lasted weeks! it's really pigmented goes on nicely. It's not streaky at all. Two coats makes it opaque. I love thi one that i bought i'm hoping to purchase a few more. :)

Kennedy A.

This nail polish is so creamy and opaque. It is a dupe for Metro Chic by Sephora by OPI which is many peoples favorites. It lasts a long time without chipping and the round tip brush makes it super easy to apply near the cuticles and doesn't leave a streaky finish. Love this!

Amanda W.
Pretty good!

This nail polish is pretty good for it's price. I wore it for a week with very minimal chipping, but it claims to last 10 days. I love the rounded brush, it makes getting right up against the cuticle easy. the application was smooth and I needed 2 coats. it's a good polish, and a lot cheaper than say an OPI