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Fannie D.
Wanted to love it but I didn't.

I purchased this lipstick based on rave reviews online and constant mentions on Youtube. Rimmel’s Airy Fairy is a peachy slightly pink nude with a cream finish. It has a cherry scent.

I was so excited and I really wanted to love this color, but it’s just not the right shade of nude for me. I found this lipstick very drying on the lips and I notice that the lipstick doesn't blend and sink into my lips. The product just kind of floats on the lips. Nice color but I’m still searching for that perfect nude lipstick!

Katie R.
Great everyday lipstick!

The color is so pretty yet so versatile. This can be worn alone or under a gloss. It's more of a muted pink than it appears in the picture but that just makes it all the more wearable. It's so easy to overlook this product in the drugstore because the packaging isn't very cute like the other lipsticks but I'm so happy I decided to pick it up.

Kaylah A.
Go to Lipstick.

Honestly, my favourite lipstick. I dont wear lipstick often but when i do its this one. Its one of those "my lips but better" color. Its a gorgeous color on every skin tone in my opionion. Ive used it on darker skin colors, to pale and inbetween. I love it somuch im on my 2nd tube of it! and i will keep buying it!

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Jacqueline H.
Airy Fairy is sexy!

The color alone is such a cute, pink-mauve and it goes well on anyone...except for me! When I first tried it on, I applied two strokes/coats and thought it was a bit too much. So I have to only apply on one! Looks alright, still love the product though. It also goes on so smooth and creamy, I love that. And it smells great, hahah! ;)

Brittany M.
Ok formula, color was a miss

Formula: Goes on smoothly and has a pleasant fruity scent. It lasts as long as normal lipstick, nothing too special.

Color: I heard that this color was a great everyday wearable, but I found it far to purple toned for me. Be aware if purples don't suit you, this color prolly won't either.

Bebe E.

I love the color airy fairy!!!! It is the perfect pinky nude on my tan skin. I'm an NC37-40 and the color just suits me so well. It smells good too lol. Reminds me of a candy that I use to eat when I was younger :)

Korie S.

I just recently discovered these lipsticks because I heard so many people using this particular shade (Airy Fairy). I love it. I am a fan of the moisture renew lipsticks so I wasn't surprised when I began to love these too. The lipstick goes on really smooth and does not dry out my lips and lasts a long time, which does what it says :)

Jenny U.
My favorite lipstick.

Airy Fairy is my all time favorite color and lipstick. I can't get enough of it and seriously need to stock up on this! Most of the time when I look at drugstores, they always have this color sold out =( I love it because it glides on easily and goes well with my skin tone.

Anita S.

:) It's like I'm not wearing anything - that's what my friend said - and that's the line that makes me smile! Because my lips are paler on the outside and well , I notice that.

My lips are pretty dry tho, so I need to condition them before or I can't wear these lippies - will make me look even grosser than I look

If only it was moisturising... I'd give it a five. Too bad. Maybe I'll try the moisturising line next? Lemming for Nude Delight :)